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How to Download Instagram Photos on PC and Mobile, IG Data Downloader

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC and Mobile, IG Data Downloader

More than 100 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day by more than a billion users. If you are one of a billion people, you may once have hoped to download photos from Instagram. The good news is that you can download the photo.

Whether you take a photo with the camera in the Instagram app and don’t save a copy of it to your phone, or you accidentally delete the original photo (or – gasp – your phone is stolen) and the only remaining copy is the one you post on Instagram, getting photos from Instagram is easy.

Instagram has a downloader feature that lets you download all your data – including photos – in one process. To give you options, we’ll run Instagram’s original process of being able to download content before switching to other alternatives, which include bookmarking, using screenshots or screenshoots, and using third-party apps.

However, before you go too far, remember to respect the copyright of other users’ photos – just because you can download the image, doesn’t mean you should do it if it’s not yours. Some users may specifically share images that are meant to be saved as wallpapers, but it’s a good idea to ask before you download. Instagram has a copyright policy.

How to Download all your information from Instagram

Instagram has a simple tool that lets users download all the data (including all your photos) in a few simple steps. Below, loper will give you steps on how to download your Instagram account information/photos.

1. Log in to Instagram in the web browser of your choice and go to your profile.

2. Click the gear icon on the right that says Edit Profile and select the Privacy and Security tab.

3. You’ll now see a page that says Account Privacy at the top. If you see it, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see a menu that says Download Data with a link below it that says Request Download. Click that link/link.

download Instagram photos

4. Next you will be prompted to enter your email and password to confirm who you are and where you want the data to be sent. Once your identity is confirmed, just wait.

You can also complete a download request using the app:

  1. Open the app and go to your profile.
  2. Press the menu icon in the upper-right corner, then choose Settings.
  3. Click Security and then Download Data.
  4. Click your email address and password, then tap the Request Download button.

Just like facebook downloader, Instagram will automatically package all your information and email download links. Instagram will provide notifications such as; this can take up to 48 hours, but we’ve tried it several times with various accounts, and never more than an hour or two. you can only request a data download every four days, so use it wisely.

How to tag/Bookmark photos on Instagram

Downloading images isn’t the only way to save them. If you want a quick way to find a photo later, but you don’t need it physically stored on your phone, you can bookmark it on Instagram. Instagram has the ability to organize saved posts, similar to Pinterest.

By using the bookmarks feature, you can save photos to remember later, such as putting #downloadgram tagged images into the Instagram folder you want to save to the social media technology folder. This feature makes your favorite IG posts accessible, but unlike downloading them, you can only access them within Instagram itself.

Save or bookmark Instagram posts
Instagram Bookmarks

Below the image you want to save, click the Bookmarks icon on the right if you’re opening an app or below a photo on a website. Photos are now saved, but if you want to organize the Instagram photos you save, click Save to Library that appears in the app. Click the Plus Sign + icon to create your own collection.

To view, edit, delete, or organize your Instagram storage, navigate to your profile, and click the saved icon above the image on the website. In the app, go to your profile page, click the menu, and open saved/saved.

How to Screenshot Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are usually displayed in full screen, images shared through Instagram Story usually have a large size or size, can also be a good wallpaper for your phone. In fact, some photographers will specifically share images in this way. There’s one trick to taking a screenshot of an IG Story from an Instagram Story that you need to know.

  1. When you view an Instagram Story, that information, such as your username, will be displayed on it. Just click and hold anywhere on the screen, and this view will fade..
  2. With your finger stuck on the screen, take a screenshot. It may require a little finger gymnastics, but it’s not too difficult. Each brand of mobile phone is different in doing screenshots.

How to save photos from Instagram on Windows and MacOS


Downloadgram App - How to Download Instagram Photos Easily

DonwloadGram doesn’t need downloading software to run it, which makes downloading Instagram photos a little less risky, let alone easier. DownloadGram can be used on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

How to Use Downloadgrams on PC and Mobile

On PC:

  1. on your PC open Instagram on the web.
  2. Find the image you want to save. Click the Triple-Dot icon and click Go to Post.
  3. Copy the photo URL from the web address bar in your browser.
  4. Go to the DownloadGram website
  5. Enter the photo URL into the box with the automatically created Instagram link.
  6. Click the Download button. Then, click the Download Resulting Image button to save your image.

On mobile:

  1. Open the Instagram app and find the photo you want to download.
  2. Tap the Three Dots icon and click Copy Link.
  3. Follow steps 4 through 6 of the instructions on the desktop device above, use a mobile web browser to paste the link in DownloadGram and click the download button

Download Instagram content before loper already explain how to download Instagram Videos. For more details can be read this link : DownloadGram – Instagram photo, video and IGTV Downloader

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