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How to Add Thousands of Instagram Account Followers

instagram followers

Instagram is one of the social media apps for sharing photos or videos on android. Actually not only android anyway, iOS phones can also use Instagram like one of them iPhone. Because here we discuss about android, then we call it android yes.

Although it is preferable to use the app to be able to access instagram account be it android-based app or iOS. However, it turns out that we can also use or access our Instagram account through a computer device. Not with an android emulator, but directly through instagram website which is

For lopers Instagram users must have accessed lopers Instagram account through the site. From that site we can also upload photos, upload videos, and anything else almost the same as on the Android or iOS Instagram app.

As an Instagram user surely lopers know the meaning of followers and following or his Indonesian followers or followed. Just like on Facebook, on Instagram itself uses the followers feature and is followed. Anyone who follows us will then be listed on our list of Followers or Instagram account followers.

On the contrary, anyone we follow will be written in our following list of Instagram accounts. Unlike following, it is not uncommon for many of us Instagram users to want to have a large number of followers.

The more followers then people can assume that we are famous or famous people. But not many instagram users who have many followers on them are just ordinary – mediocre. So what’s the reason for making their Instagram account followers a lot?? Even more up to thousands of followers. It’s rare for an ordinary person like us to 😀 who have instagram account followers up to thousands. You can try instagram followers are cheap on this site.

For lopers who want to have thousands of followers or followers, here we have a way. Like the topic of our post this time we only discussed about android. So make sure lopers already have an android phone and have internet quota.

Want to know how to get a lot of Instagram followers? Okay instead of lingering, let’s just discuss how it’s below.

The benefits of having multiple Instagram account followers or followers.

Before we discuss the ways – the ways – we better discuss the benefits first. Besides being able to make us famous, having a lot of followers on instagram accounts turns out to have a lot of benefits for us. Here’s what we’ll give you , some benefits of having a large Instagram account followers.

instagram likes

1. Can increase the number of sales on Instagram

We know it’s not just ordinary social media, it turns out that many people have been successful by selling on Instagram. For lopers who want to sell online through Instagram, it is suitable for lopers to increase the number of followers of the Instagram account owned by the lopers.

It doesn’t just amaze people with our Instagram account that has a lot of followers. But they will also be interested in buying the goods we sell. As human beings we definitely like the popular, just imagine if there are food stalls that have a lot of shoppers every day. Surely we’re curious? How many buyers, is it good? Try the buy test. So lopers’ Instagram account has a lot of shoppers every day.

2. Many Advertisers Offer Their Ads on Your Instagram Account

Money money again, in this world surely everyone wants to have a lot of money don’t you? By having many followers or followers it turns out that lopers can also invite advertiser services to ask permission to serve their ads on lopers’ Instagram account. Surely after the ad airs, lopers will be paid in the form of money.

3. Add Famous and Famous Ourselves

As we have said before by having many followers can make ourselves famous or famous. Although the lopers account is not a personal name e.g. a business account. But something when a friend can change the id and name on the instagram account of the lopers. Please change with your own name and photo, surely lopers will be popular and famous. Not only that, lopers friends will also be amazed because pals have a lot of Instagram followers.

4. Selling Accounts

For confused lopers have a large number of followers but not so useful. The friend sold the friend’s Instagram account. There are a lot of people out there looking for instagram account sellers.

5. Vascular Web Products

If a friend has a website or a blogger then the buddy can relax the buddy’s website through the friend’s Instagram account. On Instagram itself there is already a website feature, so friends can add a friend’s website address to the friend’s Instagram account. Surely little by little friends will feel the difference on the website buddy be it views or revenue.

That’s the 5 benefits a buddy can have if a friend’s Instagram account has a lot of followers. Once you’ve figured out what – what are the benefits of having a large number of Instagram followers or followers.

This time we will directly discuss how to add followers / followers instagram account.

How to Add Instagram Followers

1. Following/Following New Instagram Users

We know for someone new instagram users surely they want to have a lot of followers. It’s possible that he tried to ask a friend or whoever it was. “How do I add or gain a lot of followers quickly? Surely they answer it by following or following someone. Once followed surely they will follow back or Indonesian instead of following your account.

If they don’t follow back, then you can just unfollow.” This is where they can know that if we follow then it is better to follow back. When their account is a follow buddy then he will follow back his Instagram account belonging to a friend. Very simple isn’t it?

2. Break the Instagram Account of Famous People or Artists

The second way to increase instagram account followers is by following the Instagram account of a famous person or artist. Buddy must know that the artist’s Instagram account has a large number of followers. By following, then make sure there are several other Instagram users who follow the account mate. Because many of them after following the artist’s Instagram account for example noah, then they see a list of followers.

Then we also see our account at the very top, and they try to follow. If the friend is kind then buddy can follow back only. Because if they don’t follow back gradually they will unfollow the friend’s Instagram account.

3. Add Instagram Followers Without Following

A lot of people are looking for ways to have a lot of followers without following. Although it is actually very impossible for us to do this, because we know that humans are social beings that are mutually beneficial.

So it can or isn’t actually adding Instagram followers without following. The answer is, what the hell in the world can’t. Sea water alone can be sucked :D, hehe who the hell can suck sea water. Maybe buddy can do it? #kidding

4. Add Hashtags or Popular Hashtags To Photos, Videos We Want to Publish

As an Instagram user, friends often upload photos or videos. To add instagram account followers, friends can add Hashtags /Hashtags to photos or videos that you want to upload. In adding hashtags/ hashtags buddy is also not careless, make sure the hashtags we use are very popular.


The more popular it gets the better, because it will create an Instagram account belonging to a friend in follow people. Here we provide a collection of very popular hashtags using Instagram users #instagram, #likeforlike, #instagood, #instago, #ontheroad, #instadaily, #like4follow, #likeforlike, etc.

5. Enable Account Sync

Have you ever seen a photo posted to Facebook sourced from Instagram. If you’ve ever seen it – then that’s what we want to talk about right now. Friends can turn on lopers’ Instagram acount sync feature. So when a friend uploads a photo to Instagram, it is automatically published on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and other friends’ social media accounts.

The longer your friend activates this feature, the more people will follow your friend’s instagram account. Because the instagram account belongs to a friend is getting more famous, especially the photos or videos that friends publish are of good quality.

6. Publish Photos or Videos That Many People Like

Make sure the photo or video you want to upload is of the best quality. The better the better, and the worse it gets, the more instagram accounts your friends don’t follow. If the photo or video that buddy uploads is of the best quality then buddy will get a lot of followers.

When a new friend posts a good photo/video and again the trend, ready – ready to be ready for the friend’s Instagram account to be filled with the notification “users ~blabla~ have followed you”.

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7. Using the Get Followers Android App

In the google play store there are many apps that serve to add Instagram followers quickly and even reach thousands of followers. Of the many apps, but this time we prefer the Get Followers app.

With this Get Followers app, friends can easily add followers to your friend’s Instagram account. Before you can add followers make sure your friend has added his coins. The first time the buddy list will get free 30 coins. For 50 coins can be redeemed into 25 followers. To add coins, you can complete the mission given by the Get Followers app. These missions include following someone else’s Instagram account and downloading the app.

Also need to know, this Get Followers app has mission limits shared with us. So we can’t add coins as quickly as possible. Let’s say that once we get 100 coins and the mission runs out. Then we have to wait 2 hours to be able to add coins back. For more details on How to Use this Get Followers App. Here we give you how to add Instagram followers using the get followers android app.

How to add Instagram followers using the get followers android app

1. First please lopers download and install get followers app on android phone buddy. Since the app is not available on google play store then buddy can download it only.

2. Once the application has been installed next please buddy open the application. And log in with your friend’s instagram account.

3. Then the buddy will be displayed as below screenshot shown. In the top left corner there will be an Instagram account profile picture belonging to a friend. The more coins the better because it can be exchanged for followers.

To add coins buddy press follow button +1 then coins buddy will increase. Please know there is a time when this mission runs out and the follow +1 button is missing. Like the second image below, pals can no longer add coins. Please wait approximately 1 hour for the add coins feature by pressing the follow +1 button to reappear.

4. For friends who want to add coins quickly there is also a way. Please open a friend or select my account menu on the far right. Then select Buy Coins with fire logo > select Free Coins > Complete the mission and get the coins like the Smule app download mission below.

5. If coins have reached 50 now move to the Get Followers menu in the middle. Friends can exchange those 50 coins for 25 followers.

6. Collect as many coins as possible and convert them into followers. Until followers or followers on a friend’s Instagram account reach thousands.

8. Through the ADDMENOW Site is one of the sites that friends can use to add followers. Unlike other Instagram followers who have to log in with the original account. However, on this ADDMENOW site, friends do not need to log in with the original account. Just the original ID and the password are the origin – the origin doesn’t matter either.

To add followers through this website is also not so difficult. Here we give you how to add instagram followers through ADDMENOW site.

1. Please visit or open the, then the view will be as follows. Please select Free Followers

2. Then the buddy will be displayed as following picture. Please login with the original id and password of origin and verify and press Log in with Instagram.

3. Wait until there is a thankyou… if you have already appeared thankyou… last stay buddy check on your instagram account, surely followers will increase.

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In addition to the eight ways above, there are many more ways to add followers to our Instagram account. There are thousands of ways we can choose which way we think is safest and best. For cover, here’s how to share your service provider’s website to add Instagram followers using the Private Api features. (temporarily unable)

Note: The use of the above applications and websites is the responsibility of each user.

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