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How to Buy Coins On Wattpad To Read Paid Stories


Who doesn’t know Wattpad? The most popular applications for reading and writing works in the form of novels, short stories, poems, pantuns, and many more. In the past, every story in this app could be read for free. After the update, now the Wattpad app has a paid version where there are some stories that can only be read using coins. Of course it is very disturbing. Users must first buy coins and read their favorite stories. The way to get coins on Wattpad is to buy!

Well, how do I buy coins on Wattpad? Is it the same as making a book purchase through the Google Play Store? the following will be reviewed on how to buy coins to read paid stories on Wattpad. But before that it will be briefly reviewed as to what Wattpad is. Take a good look!

Wattpad app

Wattpad is an app that lets users read and submit their work in various genres ranging from novels, short stories, poems, and more. This app is one of the most liked storytelling apps in the world. The app originated in Toronto, Canada, successfully connecting the global community of 80 million readers and writers through the power of stories.

Wattpad was released in 2006 and most Wattpad users are from the United States followed by other countries such as the Philippines, The United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, and many more, including Indonesia.

With this app, someone with a knack for writing can channel their talents as long as they stick to the rules put in place by Wattpad in writing. In addition, someone who likes reading novels, short stories or others can find millions of stories from various genres, both in Indonesian and English.

After Wattpad came to prominence, there are now many applications like Wattpad spread across the Google Play Store and App Store such as Storial, Novelme, iBuk, and many more that one also uses to read or write a work. From the beginning, apps other than Wattpad were for paid reading and only Wattpad was free. Now, Wattpad is starting to follow in the footsteps of similar apps by providing paid stories, but there are still stories to read for free.

The paid system implemented by Wattpad is the same as the Storial and Novelme apps which use coins to unlock them. However, in paid stories there are several episodes or chapters that can be read for free. Wattpad is known as “Free Preview”. There are usually about 5-7 chapters that are not locked but in the next episode are locked and can be opened using coins.

Usually paid stories are stories that are complete or ending and can only be opened using coins. Writers apply a paid system to their work so that they benefit from their channeled writing talents. Wattpad’s in-app paid systems are the same as selling their work, but still in digital form. Therefore, if the resulting work is not published into a book or eBook, then many authors choose to change it to a paid version after the story is ending or complete.

How to buy coins on Wattpad

To open a paid story is very easy. If you already have coins, you can read every episode of the locked story. If you don’t already have a coin, you’ll need to buy it first. The first thing to do before purchasing coins is to have a Wattpad app first as well as enough provider credit if you want to make payments easily. Here are the steps:

1. Download and install wattpad app through Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. Wait for the installation process to complete

2. Open the installed Wattpad app. If you already have an account, fill in your username and password and click “Sign in”. Well, if you don’t already have an account, then click “Register” to create an account first in order to log into the app. Account creation can fill in manually or directly using your Facebook account or Google account.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

3. After that there will be a display of Wattpad access permissions to google account when using that account for account creation. If you agree, click “Allow”. Wait for the process to complete.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

7. Once the account creation process is complete, a Wattpad app home view will appear. Select the circle symbol in the upper-right corner.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

8. After that a user profile view will appear. Select “+” under the account name to add coins

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

9. Here will appear a price list view for each coin purchase. Price Rp. 5000 will get 9 coins. The price of Rp 21,000 will get 66 coins where this price is most popular. Price Rp. 34,000 will get 120 coins. The last price is Rp. 55,000 will get 230 coins. Choose the one that fits the budget.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

10. After selecting the price for the coin purchase, a notification will appear regarding the amount to be paid along with the tax and payment method. Available payment methods are provider credit, credit or debit card, voucher code or Google Play balance. Select the payment method you want. For example by using the provider credit from the card used then Click “Buy”

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

11. Enter the password of the email used. Select “Verify”. Wait for the process to complete

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

12. There will then be a “Payment successful, require purchase authentication” notification display to prevent unauthorized purchases. Select “Yes Always”.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

13. Successful payment as evidenced by the entry of purchase notification via message. Coins have also been successfully purchased. Users can see the coins they earn in the coin shop view as well as the profile account view.

Once the coin purchase is successful, the user can read the paid story using the coin. It’s easy to read paid stories. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Wattpad app or return the home view. Select the “Search” symbol to search for the paid story you want to read. You can also directly vote in the “Paid Stories” category on the homepage where in that category is the most popular collection of paid stories because it has many viewers and many votes.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad
wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

2. For example the desired story is titled “End Up With Him” by Azizahazeha. Type a story title in the search field. This story is one of the most popular paid stories recommended for users who like romance, chicklit, adult, and wife reading.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

3. Select “Free Preview”. In the story the free-to-carry episodes are seven episodes. Subsequent episodes have been locked and can be unlocked with coins

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad
wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

4. Select the locked episode and open it. Here will appear how many coins should be used to unlock the episode. To unlock access the entire episode requires 89 coins while for per episode requires 3 coins. If the user wants to open per episode or in each subsequent episode, then click the second option.

wattpad, how to get coins in wattpad

5. Wait for the opening process of the episode to complete. After that, users can already read the next episode of the desired story. Do the same when opening the next locked episode

Actually, the way to buy coins in this Wattpad app is very easy. As long as from the beginning you have chosen what payment method to use. Thus, the purchasing process will be smooth because it has prepared it from scratch. With this coin, users can read back the favorite stories that start to be switched to the paid version after ending or complete. Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is useful for you Wattpad users. Good-bye!

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