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How to Fix Unreadable Internal Memory On Android Phones

How to Overcome Unreadable Internal Memory On Android Phones

Internal memory is one of the most important storage for android phones. Unlike external memory, internal memory is more important than external memory or sd card.

Because without internal memory the android phone will be letharp or limp. But without external memory android phone has no effect what – what. Because the external memory function is for additional storage space on android phones only. If our android phone has a large internal memory storage space. Then external memory may no longer be needed.

A common problem on android phones is lost internal memory. Whereas usually the internal memory exists, but why suddenly the internal memory is lost.

As in this post we will discuss How to Overcome Unread Internal Memory On Android Phones. Here we will give you a way to solve it, hopefully this way then the internal memory on android phone buddy can reappear.

unreadable memory

Internal Memory Unreadable on Android

1. Connect your phone to your PC in “USB Storage” mode

2. Right click on the internal memory disk

3. Then Select “Format”

4. In the “File System”, select the “FAT32”

5. Next select “Start” , Wait for it to finish. Then the internal memory on the android phone will reappear.

external memory format of the phone

Such is this simple tip on “How to Overcome Unreadable Internal Memory On Android Phones”. Good luck.

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