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How to Create Web Design Offline With Wampserver

Create Web Design Offline With Wampserver

How to Create a Web Design Offline with Wampserver – For those of you who want to create a website but are still in the stage of creating code that is quite complicated, surely you think if the activity must be in online conditions, really not, we can do it without having to be online or offline.

Many people consider creating a website or site very difficult, having to know the language of web programming, web design and so on. And that’s why so many people are reluctant to take the time to learn how to create a website. But without us noticing that some people can make money from their websites, some are even said to be billionaires from online businesses through their blogs or websites. There’s nothing unlikely that anything can happen if God wills.

Well through this writing I will guide friends to learn and experiment with creating their own website without having to know the web programming language and 100% free and friends can also make it offline, without having to go out of the house or to the café. Can you do that? as I said from the beginning there is nothing impossible gan.

Okay gan, I started the discussion, first of all to make our website workable offline, we need a local server application (localhost). One of the most commonly used localhost applications is WampServer.

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XAMPP is a free application that supports several operating systems and is a compilation of several programs. Its function is as a stand-alone server (localhost), consisting of Apache HTTP Server events, MySQL databases, as well as language translators written with PHP and Perl programming languages. The name XAMPP stands for X (four operating systems of any kind), Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. The program is contained in the GNU General Public License and is free, an easy-to-use web server that can serve dynamic web page design. To get it can download exclusively from the official web.

Operate WampServer

1. Download WampServer first
2. After that, double click the WampServer.exe file, and on the start menu click Next.
3. Select I accept the agreement, and click Next.
4. Then the installation location appears, click Next.
5. Mark the option to create an icon in the Quick Launch icon and Destop icon menu, and click Next.
6. The Ready to Install menu appears, click Install.
7. Wait until the installing process is complete.
8. Then there is the PHP mail parameters menu and the contents of your email, and then click Next.

9. Okay, the WampServer installation is complete, mark the Launch WampServer 2 option now, and click Finish.
10. Okay gan, now we run his WampServer software. Click the WampServer icon located on your windows taskbar.

Create a New Project In Xampp

Creating a web project using xampp, it’s not complicated. You only have to open the xampp folder that is on your computer (It is located according to the partition where you placed it when installing above). After that, look for the “htdocs” folder. This folder will be the area to put all your web projects. Create your web project folder inside this htdocs folder. As the first experiment, create a .php file (e.g. “loperonline.php”) using a source code editor. Open tamvan.php using the source code editor and the time in it:

echo "Ini web pertama saya";

To see the results in your browser, take a look at the page with the address “http://localhost/namafolderprojectanda/loperonline.php”

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