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How to Promote Through TikTok App

How to Promote Through TikTok App

Nowadays, the trend is online shop. A lot of people are turning to the online shop that started marketing their products to social media. Perhaps many people already know if social media is one of the tools used in marketing products quickly. Not only Facebook and Instagram, they also began to market their products through an application that is being discussed, namely the TikTok application.

TikTok app for business

Today, TikTok is one of the most used applications, ranging from children, teenagers, adults to parents. Given the increasing number of TikTok users, that is what can be used as an opportunity for business people to introduce to the public related to the products sold.

They can upload creative content related to the products they sell such as uploading how they are made, how to order to packing when receiving orders. Currently, product packing is one of the important things that is considered whether to buy the product or not. The more creative and good the way a product is packing, the more guaranteed the products sold will be the more it is seen by the public.

Marketing a product through TikTok is quite easy, it only takes patience and creativity in marketing a product sold. It may be a little difficult for a beginner as it may be the first time in marketing the products it sells on this app. However, all of those processes will pass easily, as long as you are patient and have the spirit to continue to learn about how to promote products on TikTok. Here are tips for beginners who want to market the products they sell through TikTok. Check out the review below!

Install the TikTok app and create a business account

tiktok business
TikTok Business Account

Before you market a product, first install the TikTok app through the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. The steps are as follows:

  • Download and install the TikTok app
  • Open the TikTok app
  • Sign up first to create an online shop business account. To sign up for an account can use email, phone number, Facebook, Google account, or Line from a business owned
  • Create a username that matches the online shop name
  • Switch to a business account by clicking “me” at the bottom right
  • Select the triple dot in the top right corner
  • Select “Manage Account”
  • Click “Switch to Pro Account”. Wait for the loading process to complete
  • Select the type of account you want. If it’s for business, then select “Business”. If you want to be a TikTok creator, select “Creator”
  • Select a business category that matches the product sold
  • Select “Edit Profile” by completing your business account data from the profile picture post and the contents of the business-related bio and the products sold in full.
  • Also add links from businesses owned if marketing products they sell in other e-commerce

Build ideas To Create Content


Before starting to market a product, it would be nice to think about what content you want to upload on your TikTok account like doing research in advance about what content is viral in this application. Thus, the viral content can be used as a reference. If the content is carefully organized, it will really help you market the product using TikTok.

After doing research, next is to create interesting content that follows the trend on TikTok. Always up to date about trending that is going viral is one way to help in content creation.

If you want to create content about a product that is sold, it is best to create content that introduces about the product, then what products are sold, how the ordering and payment system is up to how to pack the product. You can also create content about the beginnings of your business, your struggles ranging from material research to the product ready to be shipped and so on.

Make content as interesting and creative as possible. In order to quickly go viral and enter the fyp, insert music and filters that are trending among TikTok users that are usually used for content about online sales efforts.

Create video content with captions

Similar to Instagram, uploaded videos must be a maximum of one minute long. With this duration limit of course it needs to be utilized as best as possible. When creating video content, don’t create it with origin. Create interesting video content and then also include captions that clearly describe what’s inside the video content.

When creating captions for uploaded videos, use concise, good, and interesting sentences. This is done to increase the selling value of products that are being marketed on TikTok.

TikTok hashtag


This method is one way to increase the online shop business through TikTok. Please note that the use of hashtags is very influential in the breadth of the distribution area in marketing the business. It is also utilized by businesses who want products that are sold quickly known to people.

Therefore, use hashtags that are relevant to the content of the created video content or the name of the product sold. Avoid using hashtags that are too common and popular because it can make video content made sinking by other videos.

It’s even better to use a specific, less widely used hashtag so that video content containing products sold gets a spotlight. When creating a hashtag, don’t forget to include #fyp so that the uploaded video appears on the homepage of TikTok users.

Choose the right time to upload content

If you want to market the product in the form of a video to the TikTok application, you should choose the right time. That’s because it will affect the number of people who will see it and go viral faster. If you upload a video originally, it can be a waste.

The best time to upload a content is 12 to 5 p.m. It can also be at night. The times mentioned are the best times where at that time ranging from school children, college to workers will have free time to see videos on TikTok.

TikTok Influencers

TikTok users, especially young ones, are more interested in influencers. Therefore, working with an influencer is something to consider if you want to increase the sales of online businesses so that the products sold will be known to many people.

However, there are things to note when applying for cooperation, one of which is to look for information in advance about who influencers to work with. It is done to find out if the product marketing target is in line with the influencer.

Post videos as often as possible

Frequently posting videos is one way to market a product sold to increase online business sales on TikTok. the app will reward business accounts that post content frequently. The more that is posted with a variety of hashtags, the wider the spread of content created to market the products sold.

In one day, at least post at least two content. To make things easier, make plans for the schedule of posting content as detailed as possible so that content creation will be well controlled.

TikTok Ads

Another strategy in marketing a product through TikTok is to place ads using the advertising system in the application, namely TikTok Ads. With these facilities, of course, businesses can place advertisements related to the products they sell easily. Create ads that not only steal users’ attention, but also increase their curiosity so that they have the desire to try products sold by businesses.

There are several types of ads provided by TikTok including:

  • Infeed Native Content : this type of ad is similar to ads on Both Snapchat and Instagram Story where it appears in the middle of your account feed. This ad contains a link that with a single click will be directly connected to the intended website
  • Hashtag Challenge : businesses can market products sold by creating a hashtag challenge so that many users can follow so that the products marketed will be known to the users who follow the challenge
  • Pre-roll ads : a video-shaped ad that will appear after opening the app
  • Branded effects : ads that provide filters that can display the information of a particular brand

Keep in mind that creating a mature strategy is one of the important things in doing business especially to increase sales. Everything does need to be considered. When deciding to market a product to the TikTok application, of course, there must be considered starting from the growing trend, such as what video content is quickly viral, marketing targets, and so on. This is very important to do especially for startup business people who are just trying to market the products they sell on TikTok.

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