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How to Read Ebooks From Downloaded in Google Play Books Offline

Google Play Books offline

For those of you who are looking for a book or novel published in the form of an eBook,maybe you can search for it on Google Play Books. Google Play Books is part of the Google Play Store that provides digital books or e-books legally that can be obtained for free or for a fee. Most digital books on Google Play Books can be obtained for a fee.

Ebooks downloaded through Google Play Books cannot be read directly by users. That’s because the downloaded file still has to go through the process of converting the file first. To that end, here are some ways you can read books from google play books. The way in question starts from the download process through Google Play Books to the process of converting files so that eBooks can be opened and read easily on other devices. Check out the reviews below!

How to Download Ebooks on Google Play Books

To be able to read eBooks offline, the first step to do is to download the eBook first. To avoid piracy, eBooks can be downloaded through Google Play Book. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Google Play Store through the website or app and select “Book”. To make it easier to download, we recommend opening through the Website with a

2. Find the desired eBook through the search field. If you are looking for a book that can be obtained for free, then directly type “Free” or “Free Book”. Wait for the site to show all free book collections on Google Play Books

3. If the eBook you want to download is already in the library, then directly select the “My Books” section. Wait for a view to appear that shows a collection of books that are in your personal library.

4. Select the book you want to download by clicking on the three dots in the lower right corner of the book cover. Then select “Download PDF”

5. Wait for the download to complete. Downloaded files in the form of .acsm extensions

The process cannot yet be said to be completed because the extension is still in the form of .ascm that cannot be opened. Therefore, it is necessary to convert files from .ascm files into pdf form to make it easier to read downloaded eBooks. Before reviewing how to convert file.ascm into pdf form, it’s a good idea to briefly review what an ascm file is.

ASCM stands for Adobe Content Server Message where this file can only be opened and read using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software. This file is used as proof if in obtaining a digital book is done legally i.e. through the purchase process so that when the ASCM file is entered into Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) then the software will automatically prove if the file has been obtained legally. Adobe Digital Editions itself has the function to download a digital file or eBook that has digital rights protection commonly known as DRM.

DRM itself stands for Digital Rights Managements which refers to an access setting technology commonly used by copyright owners to limit the use of a medium. With this DRM, of course, the activity of accessing and reading files that were previously through the purchase process can only be accessed on one verified device. It aims to minimize the piracy of digital content.

After a brief review of what ASCM is, then again review the download of the .ascm file. The step to take after downloading is to open the file using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software. To convert to pdf, it is necessary to remove DRM by using other applications in order to be accessible and readable. Then, how do I convert an .ascm file to a pdf file so that the eBook can be read offline? To do so, here’s how to conver file.ascm into pdf:

How to Convert . ASCM to PDF

For example, the eBook that will be converted is titled “Women In Women’s Eyes” which has been through the process of purchasing before through Google Play Books. This conversion to pdf form aims to be printed to make a collection of personal books. After downloading, the file extension obtained is .ascm, therefore it is necessary to convert the file from .ascm form to pdf. Here are the steps:

1. After having the .ascm file obtained from the download through Google Play Books, please download and install two software namely Adobe Digital Editions to open and read the files and removal software to remove the protection contained in the file in order to be opened on another device. For removal software, we recommend using PDF ePub DRM Removal because it is easier to use. Wait for the install process to complete.

2. After that, first open the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) application until a software page view appears as below screenshot shown

3. Select “Help” menu. Select “Authorize Computer” and display as below screenshot shown then click “Continue”

4. Enter your Adobe ID and password. If you don’t already have one, then select “Create Account”

5. After that, select “Authorize”. Wait for the column to appear with the words “Your Computer Has Been Authorized” and then click “OK”

6. Open the folder where the .ascm file is downloaded and then drag the file to Adobe Digital Editions. Wait for the .ascm file upload process to complete.

7. Once the process is complete, the .ascm file can be opened and read through Adobe Digital Editions.

8. If you want to read it on another device, it is necessary to remove protection. Open the installed PDF ePub DRM Removal software. Click “Continue” then appears the front page of PDF ePub DRM Removal

9. To convert the .ascm file to pdf, then select “Digital Editions”. Then a file will appear that has been opened through Adobe Digital Editions. Check the file you want to pdf and click “convert”. Wait for the process to complete.

10. The convert process is running which is marked with the inscription “working”. When you’re done, you’ll see the column below and click “OK”

11. At this stage it will reappear the column as when the beginning opens the software first then click “Continue”. After that it will be directed directly into the storage folder of the results of ePub DRM Removal where the file has been pdf shaped.

12. The eBook can already be read through other devices.

That’s a review of how to read eBooks from downloads on Google Play Books offline. Note that this review does not aim to disseminate digital books or eBooks but this review only provides information for readers who are in need of a tutorial on how to read eBooks from Google Play Books to mobile or PC devices offline. Good luck!

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