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How to Upgrade To a FaceApp Pro Account

FaceApp Pro

Recently it was a buzz with #oplaschallenge which is a challenge that shows off between original photos with photo editing or photo oplas on Instagram and #AgeChallenge who edit photos both old and young. That makes one of the photo editing apps called FaceApp Pro re-rise.

The app can be used for free, but the photo has a watermark on the bottom right of the photo. To eliminate it can also be by changing the FaceApp app to the Pro version or commonly known as FaceApp Pro.

For more details about the app, here will be reviewed on how to upgrade to a FaceApp Pro account along with its advantages and disadvantages. Before reviewing your FaceApp Pro account, it’s a good idea to explain a little understanding of the FaceApp app first. You must be curious? Let’s take a good look at the reviews below!

Understanding the FaceApp App

FaceApp is a photo editing app available on Both Android and iOS developed by Russian company Wireless Lab using neural network technology so that it can realistically transform faces in photos. With this app users can edit photos with various kinds such as changing faces to old and young, changing photo backgrounds, adding beards, changing hairdo, changing faces to smiles, and changing photo effects.

FaceApp includes an app that can be used for free, but there is one drawback in this free version which is the watermark on the edited photos. If you want to eliminate it, you can, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid or subscription version called FaceApp Pro. FaceApp Pro is a FaceApp account that has been converted into a paid or premium version with no ads.

By using FaceApp Pro account of course users can open and enjoy all premium filters such as makeup, beard, overlay, color, hair and so on. Then in the photo results there is no watermark that for some people is annoying because it makes the photo look like it is not original. The latter is the absence of ads at all. Features in FaceApp Pro are more complete than the free version of FaceApp.

How to Upgrade To a FaceApp Pro Account

Before you can use your FaceApp account to the Pro version, all you have to do is install the FaceApp app first. Here are the steps:

1. Download and install FaceApp app through Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users

2. Once the app is installed, open the FaceApp app

3. If a view appears as below screenshot shown, click “Continue”

FaceApp Pro

4. Then click “continue” if you agree to the entire Privacy Policy and App Terms of Use”. Can be seen in the image below:

FaceApp Pro

5. Click “allow” to be able to access the photos in the smartphone’s internal memory as below screenshot shown:

FaceApp Pro

6. After clicking Allow, the photos in the storage memory will appear in the app as below screenshot shown:

FaceApp Pro

7. After clicking “Allow” it will appear the view as below screenshot shown then select “Pro” which is at the top right

FaceApp Pro

8. After that a view will appear containing the captions obtained if using the pro version application as below screenshot shown. If you agree, then select “Choose Pro”

FaceApp Pro

9. Then there will be a display containing a selection of subscription price list pro version that is for 1 month the price is Rp 69.000, for 12 months the price per month is Rp 33,250 from the price per year Rp. 399,000, and for good the price is Rp. 739.000. Choose as desired. If you’ve already selected, select “Continue”

FaceApp Pro

10. Then a payment method view will appear as below screenshot shown

FaceApp Pro

11. Select the desired payment method

12. If you have made a payment, the FaceApp app will switch to FaceApp Pro

13. To remove the watermark, open the application settings then check the section “remove watermark

Advantages and Disadvantages of FaceApp Pro Accounts

Every pro account on an app certainly has advantages and disadvantages in its use. It’s no exception for FaceApp apps that have been upgraded to the Pro version. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:


A. Watermark-free on photos

In contrast to the free version, the pro version in this app can remove watermarks that usually appear on saved photos so that edited photos look like unedited photos

B. Ad-free

If you use FaceApp Pro, users will be free from ads that are usually annoying when using an app. It is different if using the free version. In the free version, there are still a lot of annoying ads

C. A variety of cool features inside

  • The classic smile feature
    This feature can make faces that are initially frowned upon or silent smile. The smile that this app produces is to show a little teeth by adjusting the shape of the face. This will make the smile in the photo look more sincere and sweet
  • Hipster beard features
    This feature gives the effect to the face in the form of a typical hipster beard. The beard effect makes the face look more attractive and more male-looking. In addition to being used on men, beards can also be used on women, of course it makes a woman’s face look like a man’s
  • Age features
    If you want to know what an old face looks like in the future, then the easiest way is to use the FaceApp Pro app. The age feature in the app gives the face an old effect filled with wrinkled lines. This age feature is one of the most popular features often used by app users
  • Hair color features
    This feature is used to change the hair color to your liking. There are a huge selection of hair colors to choose from. If this feature is applied in a photo, it will look real and fused. Hair style features
    In addition to the hair color feature, FaceApp Pro app also has hair style feature where it can be used if you want to change hair style with various options ranging from original, long, bangs, bangs 2, and so on
  • Features of glasses
    This feature can give the eyewear effect on the face. There are both black and transparent sunglasses that can be used. This feature makes photos look cooler
  • Makeup features
    This feature is shown specifically for women. This feature makes the face look using makeup so that the face will look prettier than the original photo
  • Editing features
    This feature is used when you want to change settings in a photo such as brightness, contrast, synchronization, crop, and more. In addition, b&w color filters and more can be added
  • Fun features
    This feature can be said to be the second button on the FaceApp Pro app. With this feature, users can get funny things like gender swap, face swap, angry face, and so on
  • Features of layouts
    This feature consists of a variety of frame options such as collages, lenses, duos, and so on.


A. Used as a fraud event for irresponsible people

Many users, especially those from Indonesia, are fooled by fake FaceApp Pro accounts. It can therefore be said that the fake account is quite dangerous and has taken the toll on tens of thousands of users. These scams are usually carried out by cyber criminals using videos on YouTube.

B. The app can distribute, store, even sell photos of its users for commercial purposes that will harm the user

If the user has agreed to the consent and terms of use of the FaceApp Pro account, then the application has the full right to do anything with the photo including disseminating or using it for commercial purposes without the need for the user’s permission. It may be profitable for developers, but for users it is certainly detrimental because it feels that the privacy has been disseminated without security.

That’s a review of how to upgrade to a FaceApp Pro account. How, are you interested not to upgrade your FaceApp app? Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is useful for readers. Good-bye!

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