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How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner – The ranking aspect of website pages is divided into two categories: SEO on page and seo off page.

Backlinks are one of the biggest factors outside of SEO on page. SEO on page which consists of several elements such as content, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and site models.

Both strategies are incomplete if we don’t use keyword planning which is arguably very powerful in SEO.

What are keywords?

Keywords or keywords are words or phrases used by people, when searching for something on google or other search engines. Most keywords or keywords have data such as how many people use them, variations of keywords, trends, and so on. These data can be seen and used during keyword research.

Google has tools to search for keywords with the highest CPC value, those tools are named Google Keyword Planner.

How do I use Google Adwords Keyword Planner?

The best thing about Google Keyword Planner tools is that it’s free that anyone in need can use. to use google keyword planner tools only one Google account is required.

It needs to be underlined, the main purpose of using Google Keyword Planner is for PPC ads.

Don’t worry, this Google Keyword Planner tool is completely free, but there’s a feature that can’t be used which is a proper monthly search for a particular keyword.

Don’t be sad. lopers can still see the average range, unfortunately, Google only displays the right volume when lopers run ads on Google Keyword Planner tools.

Lopers will discuss the benefits of using Google Keyword Planner tools for your SEO strategy to a higher level.

Google Keyword Planner features

It’s important that you understand exactly what can be used in the Google Keyword Planner tools.

Google Keyword Planner tools are actually designed for advertisers or advertisers. Half of these articles will be directed to paid ad keyword searches. Here are some of the benefits of Google Keyword Planner;

  • Find the latest keywords by word, phrase, website, and category.
  • Find search volume trends and history data from different keywords.
  • View performance forecasts for keywords based on your funds and average bid price.
  • Narrow your results by geographic location, language, and period.
  • Filter results based on monthly average searches, competition levels, organic impressions, ad impressions, suggested bids, and organic average positions.

Keep in mind that some features are only available if you synchronize your Google Adwords account with your Google Analytic account. Lopers will focus on finding keywords that can be used to improve seo strategies on page on your website.

Discover new keywords

The first thing you should use in the Google Keyword Planner tools is to find the latest keywords.

Once you know what keywords are related to your website, brand, niche, and ad specs then you can use those keywords to improve your SEO or ranking on your content. So sign in to your Google Adwords account.

how to use google Adwords keyword planner

From your Google Adwords dasboard, click the “Tools” icon in the top right, after which five additional categories appear. Now select “Keyword Planner” on the left side (see image).

Next, it will display two options, namely;

  1. Find a new keyword or Keyword.
  2. Get search volume and forecast.

Then select “Find new keywords”

google keywords planner

Next, input the keyword into the search box and let google continue.

What are the benefits of keyword research?

The Google Keyword Planner tool has great benefits for keyword search or keyword research relevant to your content or business. Make the most of using Google Keyword Planner to generate valuable keyword searches or have a large CPC.

Here is an example of the research results of keywords for SEO content.

example keywords

In the image above, Loper uses a single word such as “SEO”, a two-word phrase like “Digital Marketing”, and some word phrases such as “Social Media Marketing”.

Search Results Analysis

After the initial keyword search, you’ll get a lot of information that appears.

Here Loper explains how to read from the keyword search results.

keywords search

From the keyword search above generates 4,403 keywords. The results you see are based on the search data of the last twelve months. You can see that the data has changed for longer or shorter periods.

Before you get the latest keywords or keywords, keyword planner displays the results of what you’re looking for. The columns you want to see are searches and monthly flat competitions.

Ad impression share, top of page bids, and paid google adwords account status.

The average monthly search distance is quite high. For example the search time for the keyword “SEO” reaches 100,000 to 1 million.

A big difference from the search for those keywords. The only way to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get valid data is to run an ad program on the Google Adwords tools.

Competition data is very important.

Keywords in high competition will be harder to get to the top of the rankings, as many advertisers use those words.

Keywords or low competition keywords will be easier to get the top spot on google search pages.

View keyword forecasts / Lihat Perkiraan Kata Kunci

keyword forecast

Get Search Volume and Forecast. Similar to its name, forecast, this feature functions to provide an estimate. By using this feature you can get data on estimated clicks, impressions, and Click Through Rate (CTR).

In addition, it will also provide you with an estimate of the cost you need to spend for each click or Cost Per Click (CPC). You can set the data forecast results for the next week, the next month, or one quarter ahead.


Google Keyword Planner is the main function is to research keywords for Google AdWords needs. However, you can also use it for other keyword research needs, for your business or website.

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What tools do you need for keyword research?

You can’t use Google Keyword Planner alone. You should also use other keyword research tools to make your keyword research results more accurate. Lopers can use keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, KWFinder, SEMRush, Keyword tool io, Google Trends, and others.

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