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How to Use PayPal As an Online Transaction Payment Method


Nowadays, online shopping is one of the activities that is very often done by the community. Moreover, coupled with the covid-19 virus that is sweeping all over the world including Indonesia where it requires everyone to do activities from home in accordance with the government’s appeal.

Speaking of online shopping activities, certainly will not be separated by the ease in payment transactions in it. A variety of existing payment methods will be very helpful to a person when doing a wide range of online transactions. One of the payment methods that is often used is to use PayPal.

For people who often make online transactions using the biggest selling sites like Amazon, it’s certainly no stranger to PayPal. But there are still some people who are still unfamiliar with PayPal. To that day, the following will be reviewed on how to use PayPal for online transactions. Before that, it will be briefly reviewed about the information from PayPal and its uses. Read and check out the reviews below!

Definition of PayPal

What is PayPal? PayPal is a website in the form of a virtual account as a world-renowned online payment tool used for business, personal and merchants by providing online transfer and payment services. PayPal has a strong network and serves a wide range of financial transactions. Until recently, PayPal was one of the most widely used online payment tools. Almost all platforms including international buying and selling sites such as Amazon and eBay use PayPal as a payment method.

In addition, music platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp also use this payment tool. That’s because having a PayPal app is the same as having an online account that is used to buy goods and receive funds from people who both have PayPal accounts.

Not only limited to one country transactions, PayPal can be used online transactions between countries. Currently, PayPal has been used in 202 countries including Indonesia with the support of 25 countries. Using PayPal makes online shopping easier and safer in 10 million stores worldwide. Users will remain protected when shopping online.

Before creating PayPal, users are required to specify the type of PayPal account to create. There are two types of accounts available: personal and business accounts where each account has certain benefits and uses. If you only want to send money to fellow users or shop online, then the account used is a personal account. Similarly, if a user wants to sell a product online and accept debit and credit card payments for a small fee then the account used is a business-specific account.

Usability of PayPal in the Digital Age

As a means of payment, PayPal is very useful for sellers and buyers of goods online. The uses of PayPal for sellers and buyers, namely:

A. PayPal usability for sellers

  • As a payment alternative for buyers who do not have a bank account
  • Accept credit card payments without the need to go through the application process to your local bank

B. PayPal usability for buyers

  • Used to make secure payments indefinitely on the territory
  • Faster check out
  • Conventional bank replacement online accounts
  • Can accept payment transactions in the form of foreign currency from clients originating from abroad
  • Payment sources that can come from credit or debit cards

How to Use PayPal For Online Transactions

Before PayPal can be used, first all you have to do is create a PayPal account for those who don’t already have one. In the creation of an account, there are several that must be prepared such as identity card can be id card, driver’s license or passport. In addition, it must have an active email address and phone number. More important than that all is having to have an active annual credit card as the source balance for your PayPal account. For more details, here are the steps to create a PayPal account:

1. Go to PayPal’s official website. Select “Sign Up” if you don’t already have a PayPal account

how to use PayPal

2. Select the type of PayPal account you want. The account type consists of personal and business accounts. If you use PayPal only to send money or shop online, then select “Personal Account”, whereas if you want to sell online or receive payment, then select “Business Account”. Then click “Next”

how to use PayPal

3. Fill in the personal data in the form field in full starting from email address, first and last name, and password. When you’re done filling up, click “Next”.

how to use PayPal

4. Complete personal data ranging from full address, nationality, IDENTITY card, postal code, and phone number. Check the two fields provided and click “Agree and Create Account”

how to use PayPal

5. The account has been created. PayPal can already be used to shop online or send payments. However, before that add both credit and debit card accounts to start using your PayPal account.

how to use PayPal

6. Next return to the home view. Select “Login. Enter your previously registered email and password

how to use PayPal

7. Before using PayPal, complete the data for your PayPal account and confirm the email first. Select the “Settings” symbol next to “Log out”. Select “Confirm”.

how to use PayPal

8. Once the PayPal account has been created, users can return to paypal’s home screen to make various online transactions such as purchases, transfers to withdrawals. But before it can be used for various online purposes, it is necessary to verify the credit card first

Benefits of Using PayPal

  • Send, spend, and manage funds more easily and securely
  • Faster payments to fellow PayPal users’ accounts in over 100 countries and markets with just the user’s email address or phone number
  • Shopping will be safer even if done on thousands of e-commerce sites and apps
  • Managing everything can be done from one place. Users can make both payments and shopping with just one account.
  • Send money quickly and easily to fellow PayPal users with the fast and easy delivery process. With just a few clicks and seconds of money right up to the address of the intended PayPal account
  • There will be no charge when making payments with PayPal as charges will apply when users sell goods or request payment
  • There is a return system that has been purchased if the goods do not match and will get a refund of up to US$20 for the sender’s fee.

How? It’s easy isn’t it. With PayPal, of course, online shopping and delivering goods will be easier, safer and faster. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic this is all-round restricted. So, even at home, you can still make transactions easily. Good luck and good luck!

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