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Infinix Hot 10 Play Chip Helio G25, Price 1 Million

Infinix Hot 10 Play With Helio G25 Chip, Price IDR 1 Million

Helio G25 chip, is the advantage of the latest Infinix Hot 10 play mobile phone that is part of mediatex company’s products. Another advantage of infinix phones is running Android 10 ( Go Edition) with XOS 7.0.

Infinix Hot 10 play is one of Mediatex’s flagship phones. Mediatex, a Hong Kong company engaged in mobile phones.

Mediatex is famous for its variety of mobile phone products and several types of mobile phones with the Brand Infinix has proven quality. Infinix’s presence creates its own color in the mobile phone business.

Advantages of Infinix Hot Play Chip Helio G25

Advantages of Infinix Hot Play Chip Helio G25
Infinix Hot Play Advantages

Talking about mobile phones is endless there are many brands that have the advantage of one of them, namely: Chip Helio G25.

Then, what are the advantages of smartphones that provide affordable prices? Who would have thought, although the price is affordable but you will be able to have many of the best features.

In fact, you can also access work and entertainment at once by using this one phone. So, even when working from home you will be able to maximize the work easily efficiently, and practically.

There are many advantages that type Infinix Chip Helio G25. Here are the advantages of the phone.

8 MP Selfie Camera and 2 Rear Cameras

The 8 MP selfie camera located at the top is also on the inside of the bangs (nocth) in the style of waterdrops. 2 rear cameras consisting of a 13 MP main camera and one AI lens. Moreover, not only does it serve to shoot from the front, but for selfies this phone is very capable.

Don’t be asked about the quality of the videography. With such a high capacity, you will be able to take clear videos, not much noise, and the lighting will be maximum.

It is powered by artificial intelligence systems or often abbreviated as AI. This technology allows for everyone to be able to take pictures or take videos with good technique. Because of course this phone is able to help you maximize the results of images and videos.

After talking about the camera, the next one is about the race kitchen. The phone, named Chip Helio G25, is designed with a race kitchen that maximizes multitasking work.

With a capable race kitchen, then of course you will be able to do various jobs at once while looking for entertainment or just listening to music to unwind. Surely this will be able to increase your productivity as well isn’t it?

Equipped with 6000 mAH Battery

Infinix Chip Helio G25 equipped with 6000 mAH Battery. This type of battery is charged via microUSD up to 10 vw. The ultra power mode provided by Marathon Tech power is another advantage offered by Infinix Chip Helio G25 to make its battery last at lowbat.

So, you will certainly be able to do easier work that requires a long time. Not everyone can always do charging because of indoor activities. Some people work outdoors so it requires a long-lasting battery and fast charging.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then this phone is the answer that fits your needs. Moreover, with affordable prices will definitely be more efficient in the pocket. In fact, you can buy more than one phone for various purposes that have to be separated such as work with personal needs.

2G/ 32GB, and 4GB/64GB Configuration

2G/ 32GB, and 4GB/64GB Configuration
2G/ 32GB, and 4GB/64GB Configuration

Hot 10 play with 2G/ 32GB Configuration, and 4GB/64GB then pull it given a microSD card slot. This microSD stores up to 512GB of data. So, you don’t have to worry about the data you need. Because this smartphone can really make you comfortable storing all the entertainment media, photos, tasks and so on.

6.82-Inch IPS Display with Varying Colors

The special advantage of the Infinix Hot 10 Play is the Helio G25 chip powered by a 6.82-inch HD+ resolution IPS display

The color varies indeed Infinix Hot 10 Play offers you. Colorful mobile phones are quite elegant such as Aegean Blue, Morandi Green, Obsidiab Black and 7 Purpue colors

Fast and Reliable 4G Connectivity

Helio G25 chip 4G connectivity already supports LTE Cat 7 dann already supports 2×20 MHz Carrier Anggregation that can transfer data up to 300 Mbps.

Not only that, but the Helio G25 chip offers Mediatex TAS 2.0 intelligent antenna technology. This antenna actively detects the best signal quality with low power consumption to save battery usage

Mediatex Hyperengine Game Technology

The technology that this phone uses is Mediatex HyperEngine with this technology is able to mengatifkan wifi and LTE concurrency in milliseconds.

Multi Camera Smartphone With Helio G25 Chip

Infinix’s latest Helio G25 chip supports multi-camera smartphones and dual cameras. The camera is owned, i.e. a single camera up to 21MP at 30fps.

Cheap Price Rp 1 Million With Helio G25 Chip

Cheap Price Rp 1 Million With Helio G25 Chip
Cheap Price Rp 1 Million With Helio G25 Chip

The Infinix Hot 10 Play mobile phone complete with Helio G25 chip will launch in the Philippines and release in Pakistan with a price range using Pakistani Rupee.

Or about 1.5 million on the same variant. Although the price is relatively cheap below 2 million. So, of course the price is not expensive at all for the size of a phone with such specifications.

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The various advantages that the Infinix Hot 10 Play Chip Helio G25 offers. So, there is no harm in this phone so one of the recommendations to add to your collection of mobile phones. That’s the reviews and information about the Infinix Hot 10 Play Helio G25 chip that can inspire. So, are you interested in buying this smartphone?

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