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Instagram Presents Search Feature With Keywords

Instagram Presents Search Feature With Keywords

Who doesn’t know Instagram in the millennial era as it is today. From young children, teenagers, to adults, there are also those who use Instagram. Not everyone has an Instagram account, but most people use Instagrma to share everyday moments.

Instagram which is usually abbreviated as IG is an application used to share photos and videos that allows users to take it by applying filters that exist on Instagram. Moreover, nowadays there are a lot of interesting filters that make people, especially young people, interested in taking pictures with the camera in one of these Facebook-owned applications.

When Instagram users want to search for something they want, they usually use hashtags or their account name. However, nowadays users can already do searches not in both ways. Searches on Instagram this time are increasing.

Nowadays, just by typing the keyword in question, then the user can find something to search easily. That’s because Instagram has just presented a new feature that makes it easier for its users to search only with keywords written in the next update.

Please note that this feature will be released for the first time for users who speak English in a number of countries. As reported by The Verge, Saturday (11/21/2020) revealed that a new keyword search feature is present for some countries that use English to communicate including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and other regions. However, as to the time of its release, there is still no further explanation. It remains unclear when the feature will be available for regions and languages from other countries.

This kind of feature is very necessary for users who really want ease in accessing social media, especially Instagram. Users doing searches using keywords are considered more capable to help users who want to search for videos or photos that do not have hashtags or who only use hashtags that are not clear. It is different if you do a search using hashtags.

Hashtags are quite useful, but if used to search for photos and videos users will have difficulty. Therefore, with this latest update, Instagram users can directly search with certain keywords as desired, without the need to use more specific hashtags.

For example, if previously users who wanted to search for “tunics” using the hashtag #bajutunik or also by writing “tunic shirt” in the search field, then what will appear are accounts that are directly related to what is typed.

However, currently Instagram will display posts related to “tunic clothes” in accordance with the keywords used by the user then what appears is the choice of the “tunic shirt” in question. For example, long tunics, adult tunics, children’s tunics, and others. As to how Instagram will identify content that matches keywords, it remains a mystery.

Example with keyword “baking recipes”

Regarding the workings of this feature, Instagram has not revealed details about how it works. However, reportedly Instagram will use several factors to find which content contains a number of keywords such as content type, caption, upload time before finally displaying search results that match the keyword. With this in doing so, Instagram also uses machine learning to search for high-quality content that matches a user’s search.

It looks like Instagram will place restrictions on keyword searches for certain terms. Users can search for something in accordance with keywords that contain general topics as well as keywords that are in accordance with the rules that have been determined by Instagram. This feature is still released in some countries that use English. For regions with other languages, there is still no further information about it.

Thus information about the new features of Instagram that can do searches only with keywords. Hopefully what is reviewed in this article provides information for you that there will be the latest updates on Instagram,but it is still clear when the feature is released in Indonesia. Have a good read and don’t forget to comment.

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