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Man charged with destroying buildings similar to the Kabah, Fortnite denounced

Fortnite Denounced

Game app developer Fortnite denied reports that the game had invited its players to destroy the Kaaba. The rebuttal was issued after Al-Azhar International Center Director for e-Fatwa Osama Al-Hadidy denounced the presence of a kabah-like image that could be destroyed in the game.

Quoting The New Arab news site, Monday (5/7/2021), there are several videos and images showing the model rendering of the Kaaba in this game. The videos and images became trending on social media in Arabia.

Previously, there was an unverified news story related to the fortnite game update that allowed players to destroy Kabar using axe guns. By destroying the building, players are claimed to be able to acquire special weapons.

Fortnite’s team at Epic Games immediately clarified the news on its Facebook account. Fortnite’s team identified an image that looked like the Kaaba circulating. According to them, the image that looks similar to the Ka’ba is the result of modifications in the game by players who use “creative mode”.

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This mode allows players to create content on their creative island freely. The game’s team also denied that there was an option that would allow users to destroy the Kaaba.

Abdul Rahman Al-Shamy, founder of game development company and Fortnite player, called for clarification from the game company. In his comments to BBC Arabic, he criticised the lack of due diligence from Al Azhar clerics and instead gave a statement that became crowded. Instead of asking for clarification from the developer.

Fortnite Reaps Many Criticisms

Previously, Fortnite received a lot of criticism for being considered insulting to icons that looked similar to the Kaaba which is a muslim holy place. Even The Director of Al-Azhar International Center for e-Fatwa, Osama Al-Hadidy expressed open criticism, following a kabah-like image in the game.

The game is thought to invite players to destroy the Ka’ba in order to level up. Osama Al-hadady said that the destruction of the Ka’ba in the game was an insult and not appropriate.

“Al-Azhar International Center previously reminded a number of electronic games that affect the minds of young people. Distract them from basic tasks to gain knowledge and useful work. As well as locking them up in cyberspace while inciting hatred and harming others,” reads an Al-Azhar International Center statement via its Facebookpage.

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