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iPhone 14 Officially Launches, When will it be Sold in Indonesia?

iPhone 14

Apple finally released the new phone that fans have been waiting for, the iPhone 14 globally on Wednesday (7/9/2022) US time. This launch also received a rousing welcome from the world’s netizens.

Thursday (8/9/2022) early morning WIB, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced several of its latest series of phones, including the iPhone 14 and its variants. A number of new features and the development of some functions of this premium phone series were explained in the presentation.

On Thursday (8/9/2022) at 12.01 WIB, the keyword ‘iPhone 14’ even occupied the Indonesian trending topic with more than 589,000 tweets. Not only in Indonesia, this new cellphone from Apple is also the talk of the town in various countries.

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iPhone 14 Price

Interestingly, this latest smart phone is on par with the previous version, the iPhone 13. The cheapest iPhone 14 is priced at US$799 (Rp11.9) while the iPhone Plus starts at US$899 (Rp13.5 million).

One of the differences compared to the iPhone 13 is the absence of a Mini variant. This latest Apple phone replaces the Mini variant with the iPhone 14 Plus.

It looks like Apple is slowly returning to using the ‘plus’ appendage on its phones since it stopped on the iPhone X.

Tim Cook explained that his new phone is equipped with some interesting features, such as being able to send an SOS signal to a satellite even though it is not connected to internet service.

The capacity of the main camera has also increased to 12 megapixels with a larger sensor and 1.9 micron pixels instead of F1.5 and OIS.

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There is also an increase in the capacity of the main camera which reaches 12 megapixels with a larger sensor and 1.9 micron pixels, F1.5 aperture and OIS.

“49 percent improvement in low-light capture,” reads Apple’s statement.

The design of the iPhone 13 and 14 are similar, the main difference being the larger size. Like the iPhone 13, Apple’s latest phone also still uses the A15 Bionic chip, but with a number of camera improvements to the Photogenic Engine feature.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro uses the A16 Bionic chip. Apple also did away with the physical SIM and replaced it with an eSIM.

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