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Isocell GN2 Technology for Latest Samsung Products

Embedded Isocell GN2 Technology for The Latest Samsung Products

Again Samsung provides good news for mobile phone technology lovers, an Isocell GN2 will be embedded in the latest products. This allows its users to get nice pictures easily. the meaning of ‘good’ is to get a clear image, focus, and brightness accordingly.

Not only to get a good picture, but to get a good picture effortlessly. That way, mobile users with this camera feature do not take long to adjust the focus, brightness, and clarity you want.

Reportedly, Isocell GN2 from Samsung could have provided an image with a quality of 100 megapixels. Can reach that size even though the native resolution is only 50 megapixels.

You must understand early that isocell GN2 will reportedly be embedded on Samsung phones galaxy series only. For other series groups will probably follow, or will it be complete with other latest technology features? Let’s get acquainted with the latest technology from Samsung first.

About Isocell GN2

About Isocell GN2
About Isocell GN2

Isocell becomes an innovation in the form of technology that is precisely on the features of mobile phone cameras. The obstacle during this time is the difficulty of the users to get the image results that are really right in focus. It is difficult sometimes, it can be because of outdoor shooting, taking with hands that often vibrate, it can also be because the technology on the phone is less sophisticated.

Isocell GN2 series is presented to provide solutions. With this technology, mobile phone users may not need a stabilizer to be able to get perfect pictures with mobile phones only.

Whoever’s going to take the picture, still have a chance to get a good picture. whether it’s a beginner or a professional in photography.

So, this Isocell exists as an advanced technology that can make the camera more ‘professional’. Additional information, Samsung has provided a fairly perfect camera feature on the previous output. It can be autofocus, but there is still a comparison between the previous technology and this latest technology.

If there is no difference, why did Samsung make this innovation and has established to save it on mobile phones? Until now there has been no announcement regarding which Galaxy series will have this technology.

How Isocell GN2 Works

How Isocell GN2 Works
How Isocell GN2 Works

The name of the technology is Isocell, but the specific technology that will be applied is called the Dual Pixel Pro. So, if you previously encountered Dual Pixel technology, this time you will get Dual Pixel Pro.

Because it is manifested as a Dual Pixel Pro, the autofocus that the camera can do will be more sophisticated and on target. Not that Dual Pixel can’t be on target, it’s just that this Dual Pixel Pro can be very precisely targeted.

There will be less discussion of how Isocell works if it only discusses Dual Pixel Pro. Dual Pixel Pro will give you the power of autofocus, but do you know why?

This technology can create changes to phase detection. As for the usual phase detection in today’s camera technology, among others phase-detect AF,have you heard its name?

By the Dual Pixel Pro to be embedded on Samsung, phase-detect AF, which normally only converts points to vertical lines, can now also turn them into slashes.

This change in the direction or shape of the phase line is what makes autofocus more sophisticated than ever. It also allows a camera to be more precisely targeted even without the user having to set it up.

From what was once only able to detect lines, up, down, right, and left, now it can detect it tilted as well. It’s still there with the finishing touches of automatic focus locking. The focus will not move even if the hand shakes.

User Benefits

Advantages of Isocell GN2
User Benefits

Samsung has not officially mentioned which series will have this latest technology or innovation. however, sneak peek first what you will get by the user is not wrong right?

Based on the explanation of how Isocell GN2 works, you can get the experience of getting minimal effort. If you usually have to press the screen for the right position or focus point, now you no longer need it.

This isocell will perform a focus search automatically. It may be that you have previously encountered a Samsung phone camera that has been looking for its own focus when it comes to shooting pictures. Rest assured that what you will get from Isocell will be more advanced.

Another advantage is that users can get full HD video when using a frame rate of 480 fps. And if you use a frame rate of 120 fps only, you can already take 4K video.

Very sophisticated of course, because previously there was no camera with a frame rate of 120 frames per second that can berian video with 4K quality. From the already, frame rate of this size can only give 300 to 400 pixels only.

Not to mention the advantages about the size of the image quality taken. Because Isocell GN2 will not only provide a pleasant experience in taking pictures, but the experience of getting results as well.

The result of the image that will be shot with a camera that has Isocell GN2 technology is an image with a quality of up to 100 megapixels. There will probably be less megapixel sizes than this when the phone is released later. But based on the calculation of the phase algorithm, users can get images up to the equivalent of this quality.

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