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Is your laptop often hot? This is the cause!

Is your laptop often hot? This is the cause!

One of the problems that are often experienced by laptop users is that laptops often heat up or overheat. Usually this happens to laptops that are old enough and have been used for many years. But there are also new laptops that are experiencing this problem as well. If this problem is left continuously will be very dangerous because it can damage the components in the laptop. Even the worst thing is that a laptop can catch fire. Laptops that overheat can damage hardware performance to damage components and motherboards. Horrified, right? There are many reasons why laptops can often heat up. Here are the causes of often hot laptops and their solutions.

1. Air circulation on a laptop is not good

Air circulation on the laptop should be smooth. But if the air circulation in the laptop is not good, this can be the main trigger for the laptop to become hot often. Usually, air circulation becomes bad because laptops are often used on soft spots and uneven surfaces such as mattresses, sofas, pillows, and others. If placed in a soft place, the air circulation under the laptop can be hampered. Places that have uneven surfaces will not be able to absorb heat properly. In addition, these places also have many small particles that can enter the laptop components.

Solution: Do not place the laptop in a soft place and uneven surface so that the laptop does not heat up quickly.

2. Dirty and damaged laptop fan

Fans play a role in the air circulation that is in laptop components. A damaged or dead fan can cause the laptop to become hot frequently. If the fan cannot function then the air circulation will not be smooth because there is no air entering. Another factor that causes laptops to often heat up is a dirty fan. A dirty fan and a lot of dust will make the rotation become hampered.

Solution: Users should diligently check whether the laptop fan is damaged and dirty. The trick is to listen to the sound of the fan in the laptop. If there is no fan sound, it means it is damaged. Then the user can bring the hand closer to the ventilation hole of the laptop. If there is no hot air out, the sign is that the laptop fan has indeed been damaged. In addition, another way that can be done is to dismantle the laptop to see if the fan is dusty or not.

3. Clogged air vents

In addition to a damaged and dirty fan, sometimes blocked and malfunctioning air vents are also very influential because it can make air circulation from inside and outside the laptop becomes hampered. If clogged, air vents cannot remove hot air coming from inside the laptop to the outside. Clogged air ventilation usually also occurs due to the amount of dust and dirt that sticks inside.

Solution: In order for air vents not to become clogged, users must diligently clean the ventiliation if there is dust attached.

Other factors that can make a laptop heat up quickly include the use of a laptop that is too long. Users also sometimes run software whose capabilities are beyond the processor. It can also affect the heat of the laptop. While other solutions that can be done, users can use the laptop in a cold room so that the temperature of the laptop can remain stable. Then set the light of the laptop to a minimum. In addition, users can also install a cooling pad (laptop fan that is outside) so that the air on the laptop remains stable and cold.

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