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Leaked On The Internet, Here’s How Windows 11 Looks

Leaked On The Internet, Here's How Windows 11 Looks

The sighting of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system is rumored to have been leaked online. The leak spread on The Baidu Chinese site to Twitter. In the screenshots that circulate, you can see the entire look of the new operating system, from the start menu, to the new user interface.

On the interface and Start menu in Windows 11 looks very similar to Windows 10X which was previously leaked on the internet. Previously, Microsoft has simplified the operating system to make it easier for dual-screen devices to use. However, the project was cancelled and began developing Windows 11.

Microsoft has also hinted that its next operating system is ready for launch on June 24. However, the company did not specify what operating system they would release.

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Windows 11 Display

Visually, quite significant changes are seen on the taskbar, where the application icon has been centered in the middle. The Start menu is also without Live Tiles where it is a simplified version of Windows 10. In addition, the menu also consists of the latest files, embedded applications and has the ability to restart or turn off the fight quickly. However, if the user doesn’t want the Start menu and the app icon to be in the middle, there’s an option to move it to the left side.

Not much different from previous operating systems, Microsoft also provides a dark mode in this version. The entire look of Windows 11 also uses rounded corners, this is apparent on menus, File Explorer and windows boxes.

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Previously, Microsoft was reportedly working on the latest app store for Windows. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also promised to open up economic opportunities for developers and app creators on Windows.

Furthermore, Microsoft is improving the Xbox experience on the currently integrated Windows 11, providing quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, which are also part of the Xbox user network as well as the Xbox store.

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