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Let’s Take a Look at the Latest Samsung Galaxy A32 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A32 Indonesia, Specifications Different from Overseas?

Recently a series of tech news stories were flooded with news about the Samsung Galaxy A32. Become the most recent samsung series. Surely this phone can also get a lot of positive response from gadget lovers. Really a lot of gadget lovers wait, because in this series there is an opportunity to be able to use hp with 5G signal version.

For those gadget lovers will want to quickly have the experience of using a mobile phone that can already reach the 5G signal. And maybe one of them is your own.

It’s a shame it’s just a possibility. There is a possibility that Indonesian gadget lovers can get the 5G version. This Samsung A Series smartphone is also included. It depends heavily on the official decision of Samsung itself.

Some make Samsung Galaxy A32 Indonesia different from other countries A32. What’s the difference?

Samsung Galaxy A32 Entry News To Indonesia

Samsung Galaxy A32 Entry News To Indonesia
Samsung Galaxy A32 Entry News To Indonesia

There is already little info that states that this phone will indeed enter Indonesia. That’s why this news then blows and unfolds what are the specifications.

This is there is a review in the website page of the Directorate General of SDPPI Kemenkominfo, in the certification page has appeared hp A325F series. Which is whereas the A325F series refers to the Samsung Galaxy A32 series for the 4G version.

Although on the website page there is only a series for the 4G version, it remains to be ascertained first whether all Indonesian versions have such specifications. Especially on the network.

However, there is already news for the prices of samsung phones this series. Reportedly for the internal memory version of 64 GB you will be able to have at a price of about 3.8 million. As for the internal memory of 128 GB and with a price of 4.2 million rupiah. It’s just been reported.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Specs

Don’t just fixate on when it’s released. You can get to know the Galaxy A32 better before its release date if you already know the specs. In this section there will be a discussion of some interesting specifications of the A32.

1. Screen

Samsung Galaxy A32 Specs
Samsung Galaxy A32 Specs

The first thing about the specs lies in the size of the screen. The screen size of the A32 series is 6.4 inches, not special enough indeed, but precisely with the standard size later users can quickly get used to using it.

The size applies to the 4G version, while for the 5G version the size is slightly larger, which is 65, inch. The two are only 01 different, inch only. For the inside, both are already in the form of a full HD screen. The screen is also complete with infinity-U design which is a screen with holes in the shape of the letter U.

There’s been extra protection for parts of the screen. Samsung provides Corning Gorilla Glass 5 as a home screen coating or basic screen. That way, you don’t have to worry about it. Moreover, from scratches, it can clearly withstand.

3. Performance

The refresh rate of the Galaxy A32 series is greater than the previous Galaxy series. Both have large rates, but the numbers will differ from each other. Especially when the 4G version has a refresh rate of 90 Hz, the 5G version only has a fresh rate of 60 Hz.

Although different and the difference is quite a lot, it can be certain that the number already reflects the phone that rarely loading long. It will still be convenient to use this series because the ram size is also not small.

4. Internal Memory and Camera

There is a version that has an internal memory of 64 GB, there is also a 128 GB, you can customize it to your needs. Then for the camera, it has a main camera with a resolution of 64 megapixels and ultrawide of 8 megapixels.

5. Connectivity and Battery

The battery capacity for any version is 5,000 mAh. Then for connectivity, it already supports audio jack, USB with type-c, Bluetooth version 5.0, WiFi, LTE, and GPS.

You may be more interested in choosing a mobile phone based on its color, the options available for this series include Awesome White, Awesome Violet, Awesome Blue, and Awesome Black.

What Makes a Galaxy A32 Indonesia Possible Differently?

What Makes a Galaxy A32 Indonesia Possible Differently?
What Makes a Galaxy A32 Indonesia Possible Differently?

After discussing how the specifications are, what makes them different for each country? The specifications of which parts will be different from the same series but located in other countries?

It turns out that the difference lies in the signal capability. Samsung Galaxy A32 sold in Indonesia later could be only the 4G version, but still does not close the possibility of also sold the 5G version. It is not known until later the appearance of the official news galaxy A32 series is already sold in Indonesia.

For now, outside Indonesia is already officially sold the 5G version. Well, the 4G version is precisely no news. That way, Indonesians will increasingly have to guess which version or what version can be purchased later.

Regarding the specifications, both the 4G version and the 5G version will be similar. There are only a few differences in specifications between the two.

Even if later it turns out that the 5G version of the A32 is also sold in Indonesia, it will be an opportunity for you to have a mobile phone with the strongest signal for now. But if it turns out that only the 4G version is sold, it is still good because this signal has been assessed okay.

There is also a solution if samsung galaxy A32 sold in Indonesia later only 4G version. Samsung has provided a selection of other series that already have a version with 5G signal.

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