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LG Electric Cars Will Be in Indonesia in 2021

LG Electric Cars In Indonesia In 2021, Super Advanced

LG Energy Solution said that they were together with the Indonesian government on the procurement of electric cars some time ago. This was discussed in a meeting having signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). to work together to build a battery factory that will later produce Indonesian electric cars.

On that occasion they said that they had agreed to an investment value of USD9.8 billion or 137.5 trillion rupiah. On that occasion, the Head of The Investment Coordinating Board said that the MoU has been signed since December 18, 2020.

According to Balik Lahadalia as the Head of Capital Coordinating Board said that on this occasion will make The State of Indonesia to be the first country to have an integrated battery factory.

According to a statement, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said he also invited CEO Elon Musk and several other investors to invest in the country.

LG Electric Cars Will Be There Starting in 2021

In 2020, it looks like the market for electric car sales is very high. It even has the potential to be popular. A number of electronics manufacturers are even interested in the project this time.

In one technology news called neowin, they said that one of the electronics manufacturers from Korea is interested in entering the EV market in terms of supporting components. The manufacturer is LG. In its statement, LG said it would cooperate with Magna International Inc or Magna.

The cooperation between the two eventually formed a new entity they called the LG Magna E-Powertrain. The combination presents a new goal to present inverters, electric motors and on board chargers.

Reasons to Create An Electric Car Factory

Reasons to Create An Electric Car Factory
Reasons to Create An Electric Car Factory

In an interview that took place some time ago. LG said that this golden opportunity will not be missed. In addition to the market, electric cars are a promising market. There is a reason why LG finally chose Indonesia to be the first country to enter this electronics industry.

LG admitted that the reason why Indonesia got the designation first is because in indonesia there are still abundant sources of Nickel. This will be their use of LG’s side for the investment market.

Indonesia Is a Nickel Producing Place

Indonesia is a country that still has abundant natural resources. And this becomes the appeal of investors, entrepreneurs and local governments to take advantage of this.

Like other investors, LG sees this opportunity as a promising opportunity. And after discussions on this subject both LG and the central government agreed to work together to utilize Nickel Natural Resources. Some areas are considered to still have this Natural Resources with large amounts.

Nickel itself becomes an attraction because it has a very useful function, shape and hard structure. Easy to form. It conducts heat and is easy to conduct electricity. So it’s no wonder that this resource is sought after and favored by LG because it can be combined with iron and chromium

Some areas in Indonesia that are known to have a lot of Nickel include east Luwu South Sulawesi Province, Sorowako South Sulawesi Province, Kaloka Southeast Sumatra Province, Morowali located in central Sulawesi Province, East Halmahera in North Maluku Province, Ternate Island, Obi Island, Gebe Island and Gag Island.

Electric Car Project

Electric Car Project
Electric Car Project

This project plan will be more or less on December 18, 2020, will start to be carried out as of the end of December 2020. And it is planned to be completed in 2023. This program is a combination of Korean-owned and Chinese-owned companies. They say that it is likely to start everything its preparations from the end of December 2020 or around the beginning of January.

However, they are still problematic in some aspects. Like the land that’s going to be used. They estimate 800 acres. But to get at it, it’s not easy. According to Bahlil, he must slowly make the community participate. In fact he had to intervene in agreements and conversations with local community leaders.

Community Response

When news about Indonesia began to include electric car manufacturers to Indonesia. The community seems very enthusiastic about it. Some feel proud that Indonesia became the first country to be known as a producer of electric cars. But also not a few people who ask about what about the price of this car in the future?

According to some cases, eighty percent of indonesians still like to travel on motorcycles. Because it is assumed that it is more efficient and cheaper. Some experts also ask about this, because according to the data. Most people are more able or willing to buy vehicles with a price of 300 million down. As for the price of this car is still on top of that. Approximately 500 million more

Indonesian people are also still minimal with knowledge of the use of electric cars. And the lack of charging stations available in indonesia is one of the reasons why this is still a serious discussion.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars
Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

This electric car will be the transportation medium of the future, the vehicle has several things that you should pay attention to. The use of this electric car will be able to reduce air pollution, save energy, be smarter than ordinary cars, care is also younger, save for the room because it has a smaller body than the car in general that is now often used.

As for the shortcomings, this car if in a long distance and time allows to need a lot of electrical resources. While in Indonesia itself the place to find resources is still minimal.

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The reason for the recharging time is also a homework that should be a concern as well. Because to fill one car only, we need approximately 6 hours of charging with a certain power.

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