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Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook to change its name to Meta

Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook to change its name to Meta

Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook was changing its name to Meta at the Connect 2021 event. Meta in the future will be the parent company that houses WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and others. Through his writings, Zuck explained the word ‘meta’ is taken from the Greek which means beyond, or if translated further means passing, further or beyond.

In an interview with The Verge, Zuck explained the reason behind the renaming. The main reason is to emphasize Mark Zuckerberg’s focus on building the metaverse as the future of Facebook.

“So we currently see our business as two different things. One for social applications and the other for future media, simply like that,” Zuck said, as quoted by The Verge, Friday (10/29/2021).

“So we want to have a new brand identity that is as rumored. In line with the vision of the future that we are working on,” he added.

Zuckerberg has previously said the metaverse is the future of the internet. Although previously the name metaverse was identified with a thing that tends to be negative. But Zuckerberg believes the metaverse will benefit the digital economy.

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In his vision, Zuckerberg envisions the metaverse as a virtual place where people can interact with virtual reality and augmented reality, but it feels like meeting in person.

In addition to the company’s new focus, he said the facebook name no longer matches the identity of the company that in the future wants to be separated from the image of the social media company. Moreover, currently they also have Instagram and WhatsApp,so the name Facebook is considered less suitable to represent the identity of the company.

Actually, Facebook changing its own name is not surprising. They are not the first tech companies to be renamed as the company’s ambitions change. In 2015, Google also made a major change by changing its name to Alphabet.

At that time, two google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin resigned from their positions. But for Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said he has no plans to step down and will take up a new position as CEO and chairman of Meta.

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