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Mobile Legends, 7 Heroes Who Get Skin Updates

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends became one of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games that managed to steal the attention of gamers all over the world, especially Indonesia.

Mobile Legends: designed and created by one of the Chinese developers named Moonton Technology Co.,Ltd, which the developer often updates in the game. It aims to add new content to make the game even more interesting. Moonton’s updates always bring you interesting things including new skins.

Skin itself is the most important part of the hero character. The skin in question here is an item that makes the look of the hero in mobile legend game look better. Every month, various heroes will get new skins. Moonton itself has prepared new skins for several hero characters that will be released throughout September to October 2020 ranging from epic, elite to starlight skins. Well, if you’re wondering who’s the lucky hero to get a new skin, check out the review below!

Mobile Legends Hero Popol and Kupa – Tribal Howl

Mobile Legends
Hero Popol and Kupa – Tribal Howl

The first hero to get new skins came from the hero characters Popol and Kupa under the name Tribal Howl. This skin owned by this hero entered into the elite caste which was only released on September 28, 2020 yesterday. The design of one of these heroes is a hunter and an animal that follows him. The new skins acquired by Popol and Kupa themselves are themed around skulls and hunters that are the result of adaptations of monster hunter games.

Mobile Legends Hero Atlas – Fuel Turbine

Mobile Legends
Hero Atlas – Fuel Turbine

The Atlas hero character is known to have obtained his latest skin which was released on September 7, 2020. The new skin is an elite skin called Fuel Turbine that has a robot-like design that has a source of fire energy because it is gold and black. This skin can be obtained for 599 diamonds. The price is quite decent for this cool skin from Atlas.

Mobile Legends Hero Jawhead-Samurai Mech

Mobile Legends
Hero Jawhead-Samurai Mech

For this hero has got a new skin that adopts the culture of Japan displayed in a very cool style. This epic skin is named Samurai Mech which looks like a mix of Tengu animals with robots and carries a red sword.

The release date of this skin is still not known for sure. However, it is certain that in October 2020, Jawhead skin will be released soon. To get a new skin from jawhead hero is sold for 599 diamonds.

Mobile Legends Hero Silvanna – Pure Heroine

Mobile Legends
Hero Silvanna – Pure Heroine

The next hero character to get the latest skin is Silvanna who is said to bear a resemblance to Zilong skin. The design has this skin as well as chinese characters. Silvanna’s skin has a regular epic fileta skin that can be obtained for about 899 diamonds. Silvanna’s new skin was reportedly released on October 1, 2020.

Mobile Legends Hero Kagura – Rainy Walk

Mobile Legends
Hero Kagura – Rainy Walk

This skin obtained by Kagura is among the most eagerly awaited skins. The Starlight fileta skin obtained by Kagura comes under the name Rainy Walk. This skin looks very girly because of the pink color on the umbrella and her hair then the light blue color on the umbrella. This new skin from Kagura can be obtained for 599 diamonds.

Hero Luo Yi-Tenko

Mobile Legends
Hero Luo Yi-Tenko

For fans who like this hero, please note that Luo Yi has gained a new skin after Mobile Legends was updated. Luo Yi gets his latest Elite skin named Tenko. Tenko himself has an Ancient Japanese style design that is identical to that of a fox demon. To get the latest skin from Luo-Yi can be obtained with 599 diamonds. Tenko herself has not been confirmed when it will be released, it could be october 2020, this skin will only be released.

Hero MiyaJungle Ranger

Mobile Legends
Hero MiyaJungle Ranger

Moonton held a Project Next featuring several Revamp heroes. Well, one of the heroes who got revamp while getting new skins on September 30, 2020 yesterday is Miya.

Miya will get her latest skin at the beginning of season 18. These skins include Skin First Recharge season 18 with an all-green design. What needs to be done in order to get a new skin from Miya named Jungle Ranger is to top up as many as 50 diamonds at the beginning of season 18

Those are some of the heroes who get new skins in September to October 2020. There are still many new skins that will be present in the following months. That’s because Moonton always updates the Mobile Legends game system every month.

There will certainly be new skins that will appear that are certainly much cooler than the previous one. Moreover, heroes who get new skins are included in the list of hero characters that are quite popular. So, wait for the new skins on the other hero characters which is certainly much cooler.

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