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Monument Valley 2 As Best Puzzle Game Sequel From The First Series

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley is one of the most popular and very fun games. After the success of the first version, there is now a second series of Monument Valley called Monument Valley 2.

For those of you who are curious about monument valley 2 game system is the same as the first version? Are there any changes to this 2nd version? For more details on monument valley second version application, here will be reviewed on things related to MV application ranging from understanding, game system, to its advantages and disadvantages. Curious? Take a good look!

Monument Valley 2 game at a glance

Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle game developed and released by Ustwo Games. It is the second series of the first Monument Valley game released in 2014 where the first version of the game is one of the most popular games. Monument Valley second version includes paid games, but it can also be played for free. In July 2020, and returned to the paid version.

The presence of Monument Valley 2 was inspired by the many developers in the first game who have become parents and the character of the parents who are the inspiration itself. Furthermore, the development team realized that the mother and son characters in one game would make an unusual video game. Most games introduce mother characters just to give knowledge, but the developer (Ustwo Games) wants if the mother character is very influential and powerful in MV 2 game.

Monument Valley 2 has been downloaded more than 30 million times in China. The total download between the first version and second version was recorded more than 80 million times as of September 2019. That’s why the game gets a lot of rewards. This game was awarded as Best Mobile Game at UNITY AWARDS 2017.

Best Mobile Game

The game has also been awarded for the same category in IGN’s Best of 2017 Award. The game came in second place for “Best Puzzle Game” in the Informer’s Best of 2017 Reader Award, even The Verge included monument valley 2 as one of the 15 Best Games of 2017.

Monument Valley Game System 2

It was explained earlier if Monument Valley 2 is a sequel to the first version. In the 2nd version of the game puts the storyline ahead of the first game where it tells the story of a mother named Ro and her son who are exploring the world. Monument Valley contains magical buildings with architecture filled with optical illusion elements and puzzles inside.

Monument Valley 2 comes with an isometric display that aims for Ro and his son to go through a maze that includes optical illusions. Players can tap the screen to move Ro or his child (depending on the chapter) or to trigger a change in the level architecture to solve puzzles or puzzles during his journey.

In this game there are several puzzles involving the presence of Ro and his son so that the player will be faced with some old puzzles by solving old and new puzzles in a new way of sorting. In addition, in the game Monument Valley 2 there are some very cool building architectures along with secrets inside.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monument Valley Game App 2

After the success of the first Monument Valley, ustwo game developers also found success in the sequel version. The success was gained because Monument Valley 2 has advantages that make this game in demand by many gamers. In addition, the game also has drawbacks that can later be used as a job for updates in the new version. Here are the advantages and disadvantages to know:


1. Stage view in each level simple namu complex

The levels in monument valley 2 are made like a continuous story where each level is displayed straight memanjang down and systematically. This concept is certainly very simple and unique considering the size of this game is quite large. So it can be said that the size of the application file has no effect on the game level view.

2. Has simple game controls

The controls for playing Monument Valley 2 are very simple. the player only needs a touch to the screen to move Ro and his son or to change the architecture to solve the puzzle

3. Free the player to get creative

Monument Valley 2 has a unique feature where it frees the player to create. When the level in the game is about to end, then this is where players can get creative. That’s because in the last level there will be a scene where the game character will release a light into the sky. The light can be shaped into various patterns according to the player’s wishes. The pattern does not affect the game, but it can be used as a reward for players who have completed a level in this game

4. Display music that makes the in-game atmosphere more realistic

In the game MV 2 features excellent music that puts forward subtle tones which makes the atmosphere in the game more realistic and atmospheric. Therefore, when playing Monument Valley 2 games it is highly recommended to wear a headset so that the experience gained when playing is more noticeable

5. Has screenshot feature

Monument Valley 2 has a screenshot feature that makes players able to capture every moment when playing the game. This feature is symbolized by the shape of a circle with its center point located on the top right screen. By using this feature, of course, the player can zoom in or out on the image that will be in the screenshot


1. Monument Valley 2 game size is big enough that it consumes a lot of phone storage memory

Monument Valley 2 includes a game that has a size of about 252 MB so it will consume phone storage memory. When you’re done installing, the file size will automatically increase because the caches in the app are also saved.

2. Short game duration

Monument Valley 2 has a short game duration. To complete each level from start to finish, the duration required is very fast because each level is so easy that when playing this seems dissatisfied because it is quickly completed. In fact, this game includes puzzle games that usually take a long time to complete each level

3. Monument Valley Game 2 includes paid games

In order to play the first version of Monument Valley, users must insane a fee of Rp. 51,000 to get the game. similarly, Monument Valley 2 can only be played if you have purchased it for Rp. 75.000

What about the reviews above? Have you guys got an idea of what Monument Valley 2 is like? Is it the same as the first version? if you already understand about MV 2 games, you can directly download the games mentioned through the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. However, to be able to play this game users must certainly spend rp 75,000 kocek where the price is quite expensive for the category of gamers who are still children.

Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is useful for you because it provides information about Monument Valley 2 games so that you can get to know one of the best and most popular puzzle games.

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