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New, Stylish Oppo A15s, What Are the Specifications?

New, Stylish Oppo A15s, How Does It Look?

In the near future, Oppo will officially offer its latest serit Oppo A15s on Thursday (11/02) as a collection of its new products. This smartphone is an Oppo A15 refiner that was released last year after the release of Oppo A93.

This time Oppo priced 2.3juta for the market in the country. The price is not so deep reaching into the pocket, it could be your choice to have it. Before buying, of course you should consider these HP specifications so that there are no regrets in the future.

Oppo A15s Display

Oppo A15s specs
Oppo A15s Display

Oppo A15s has a 6.52 inch wide screen, enough to hunt information with relief in the eyes. The display is also HD plus resolution so that it makes the object clearly visible. The top has an 8MP camera that’s great for selfies.

This new output, more promising to produce natural photos, because the camera can adjust to the detection of gender, skin color, age and skin type. No longer as bad as oppo’s previous camera products.

Oppo’s display is also protected by Gorilla Glass 3 glass, making it safe for users who are less aware. You no longer have to worry about how to keep this phone tight so it doesn’t fall and crack.

The back of the camera box is square consisting of 13MP, 2MP potrait, and 2MP macro. With such types of cameras can already conjure up the shots more clearly and sharply.

On the back side, there’s also a fingerprint sensor, which makes it easy to unlock your PHONE instantly. Alternatively, you can also quickly unlock your phone with face detection on the front screen.

For hp shape in general not much change from its predecessor, the tip also remains curved side. It gives a no rigid effect. Hp with the value of 164 x 75.4 x 7.9mm weighs 177 grams.

The characteristics of Oppo products as before that seem long are very relieved for eye access. You should also consider putting the right pocket when pocketing this phone. So that no more hp incidents fall out of the upper pocket while wearing shoelaces.

Oppo A15s Battery and Memory

Oppo A15s Battery and Memory
Oppo A15s Battery and Memory

This Oppo A15s offers a day without rechargeable. With a battery capability of 4,230mAH, the performance of this HP can last all day. Suitable for those who are busy and do not have time to linger waiting for the recharge. For rechargeable, not much different from its predecessor product which is 10 watts. That way you can charge it at night after a long day of wearing it.

The memory of Oppo’s latest product is quite large. Having 4GB of RAM with 64GB internal can store a lot of snaps. Not only that space, Oppo also provides second access, which can add up to 256GB of external memory.

Not a small amount for the storage of documents and personal files. In accordance with his nickname, selfie phones,this time they answer the market needs of the amount of space facilities he offers in his latest product output.

Latest Features of Oppo A15s

In the display section, Oppo provides the latest feature, eye comfort filler. You can linger in front of the screen because this feature gives the effect of reducing eye fatigue. Suitable for needs in this pandemic. Whether learning or work, mostly done online or online.

In addition, Oppo also presents HP that is suitable for playing games in this product. This Memory Defragmentation 2.0 feature makes gaming performance more responsive and seamless.

Previously Oppo already had Dazzle Color and AI Scene Recognition. In this product, coupled with a new feature, AI Scene Enhancement that can detect 21 different scenarios. This feature makes oppo A15s camera cooler and the results are satisfactory.

Interesting Color Variants

color Latest features of Oppo A15s
Interesting Color Variants

Before buyingnys one of the things to consider is the color of HP. For some people, the color on their goods can also improve the mood of the user. This is because there is a psychological side at play.

Where when you use a certain item, then the energy from the item is automatically transmitted to the wearer. You can also manage the feelings you want to express by choosing what color hp to collect.

In this latest release, Oppo has not offered many oppo A15s variants. There are only two colors, Dynamic Black and Mystery Blue. From these two colors you can choose which one suits your heart which also certainly suits your character. For 2.3 million you can have the latest smartphone from Oppo.

Dynamic Black has a darker color than the other variants. This color is more neutral for all genders. Usually typical people who are anti-complicated and do not like the motif will tend to choose this color. Nevertheless, this color is also very suitable among young business people, office workers, or those who want to look cool. Because the appearance of this product variant will give a calm effect that radiates authority.

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Mystery Blue becomes the next variant. This color is an alternative if you want the latest type of HP Oppo that is light in color. The blue color that gives the effect of young soul character and also full of creations is suitable for young people of all genders.

It may look more feminine, but that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for the eves. HP variant is cross-gender,it’s just that the impression caused alone has its own psychological meaning.

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