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New SEO Technology Will Influence Your Ranking

New SEO Technology Will Influence Your Ranking

SEO Technology – SEO began with the optimization of landing pages on a desktop computer.

Things are considerably more complicated nowadays. The process of improving current information is always evolving. Then there’s the need to generate fresh compelling content on a regular basis that addresses the demands of the target audience across several platforms, including mobile.

While many of the core techniques used by SEO remain the same – such as keywords, regularly updated content, internal and external linking, and optimizing pictures and meta tags for search – SEO technology now encompasses far broader concerns such as mobile search, UX, and social media profiles.

As a result, new SEO technology are now influencing SEO and altering the field even more. IoT and voice search, mobile, machine learning, AI, and VR are all critical components.

In this post, we will examine beliefs concerning impending changes in SEO technology strategy, as well as how new SEO technology will impact the future of SEO. What must search marketers do to stay competitive?

Machine learning

RankBrain has been around for quite some time. Google’s system employs machine learning, a type of AI.

Machine learning, in essence, is learning in which a machine can learn on its own without being explicitly taught.

The primary goal of Google’s usage of AI is to improve the user experience, and RankBrain is charged with enhancing the relevancy of material for the searcher.

The point is that by utilizing AI, Google has moved beyond terms and traditional keyword searches, which is a strong indication of the future of search. This has an impact on SEO.

RankBrain works by analyzing not just the content, but also the context of that material, and then giving users sites that may not include the words they were looking for, but do contain information relevant to the idea or category they are searching for.

SEO Technology Will Influence Your Ranking

Mobile search

Because of smartphones, mobile search has risen and exceeded desktop search in recent years. According to HubSpot, mobile phones accounted for 50.3% of online traffic in 2017.

Google has spent money improving mobile pages and making them load faster. The search giant created AMP (accelerated mobile pages), which resulted in page load times being doubled and the inclusion of display advertisements.

Other digital behemoths have been working on specific mobile services as well. Facebook Instant Articles is one example, while Apple has introduced its own Search Ads platform, which will appeal to advertisers since Apple’s AppStore contains 2 million apps.

Search marketers must create AMP sites because this will be a factor in search ranking algorithms for mobile search results. This type of improvement offers an obvious advantage to the end user in the form of faster load times and will be seen as significant by Google’s algorithm.

Voice search

Voice search is a burgeoning industry. The quantity and popularity of web-connected virtual assistant gadgets has surged.

Voice is becoming more integrated into numerous gadgets, including smart TVs, music players, gaming consoles, and more, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Cortana.

Virtual assistants may aid with a variety of chores and searches, such as answering inquiries, offering directions, locating a nearby restaurant, and delivering relevant information and services.

Google is attempting to develop search engines clever enough to comprehend not only semantics, but also concepts and even emotions. In the end, AI will sort results based on relevancy, quality, and worth of material. It shifts SEO professionals and marketers away from keyword-based content creation and toward material driven by concepts.

Because virtual assistant searches are more conversational in nature, how SEO experts optimize voice search for their audience will be influenced.

Finally, voice search is here to stay and will continue to expand in scope. From in-car systems that allow you to ask an assistant questions and search for information to being completely integrated into smart homes, the utility and expanding consumer usage of this technology means marketers must incorporate it in their search tactics.

Virtual Reality (VR)

It’s easy to imagine that VR (virtual reality) is only for gamers, computer aficionados, or a transitory trend. This technology has the potential to transform practically every business, including SEO.

Although owning a VR system is still uncommon, the video gaming business is exploring methods to capitalize on VR technology. Social media is adjusting by including live 360-degree videos.

VR and 360-degree movies may be recorded, disseminated, and optimized for searches using different Google technologies when it comes to search and online content.

These include technologies such as Google Street View, Cardboard Camera, and VR View, which allow material to be shared across several platforms, including WordPress and social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social sharing is another social feature of virtual reality that might effect rankings and SEO. While infographics, memes, and images are being utilized as clickbait, virtual reality (VR) is the hook of the future. You may reach a larger audience by repurposing VR as online video content or compelling graphics, and fresh and innovative VR material will create more traffic and backlinks to your website, enhancing domain authority and ranking.

Visitors without professional VR equipment can now see VR films placed directly on webpages. Organic search results include VR material generated with Samsung or Ricoh Theta.

Conculsion For New SEO Technology

It is apparent that many different technologies and touchpoints where people are seeking for solutions will have an influence on the future of SEO. Finding a balanced approach that makes advantage of all of these digital touchpoints will be critical in producing effective SEO efforts.

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