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Nvidia CMP, GPU for Cryptocurrency Miners

Nvidia CMP, GPU for Cryptocurrency Miners

Nvidia recently launched a GPU card called Nvidia CMP specifically for cryptocurrency miners that many internet users are talking about. This seems to be the last resort for Nvidia to meet the market demand related to GPU cards that are increasingly rare.

Inevitably, it had a big impact on the production of Nvidia graphics cards that could not meet market demand due to the graphics card crisis. Even so rare as Nvidia graphics cards, the company had to resell its old graphics card products. This is done in order to meet the market demand, although Nvidia is well aware that it is not possible.

What is the reason for the scarcity? The answer is that there are buyers who buy graphics cards to mine cryptocurrencies. In that cornered state, Nvidia needs to rotate the brain again in order to survive the miners’ tumbling. In the end, Nvidia chose to produce a card specifically intended for mining a cryptocurrency called Nvidia CMP.

Launched from Nvidia’s official website, it will sell Nvidia CMP through partners and there will be optimizations for the best mining efficiency. So, if you intend to buy this card, you should know the Nvidia partner that sells the special chip card. Nvidia chooses partners such as Asus, Colorful, MSI, EVGA, and Gigabyte.

Nvidia CMP Specifications

Nvidia CMP
Nvidia CMP Specifications

CMP stands for Cryptocurrency Mining Processor. From the name it is clear that Nvidia created this product indeed for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Nvidia explained that its processor has several different specifications from other products such as the Geforce series. That way, Nvidia hopes cryptocurrency miners won’t interfere with the availability of its gaming graphics cards.

Nvidia released 4 types of graphics cards included in the CMP series. Here are the names of the 4 cards and their specifications.

1. Nvidia CMP 30 HX

Nvidia CMP 30 HX
Nvidia CMP 30 HX

The 30 HX series is a graphics card that can be considered to have lower specifications than the rest of the series. In this series, Nvidia only provides a hashrate of 26 MH/s. Or can we conclude this series has the lowest speed level in the network that you desperately need to mine cryptocurrency. Even so, the Nvidia CMP 30 HX has the smallest average power of only 125 W.

For the power connector of this series is 1 x 8-pin. Nvidia also provides 6 GB of memory. If you have a low budget and are still learning to mine cryptocurrencies, maybe this series is quite right for you to start mining.

2. Nvidia CMP 40 HX

After the 30 HX series, Nvidia also released another that has slightly different specs from the 30 HX series. Nvidia gave it a pretty similar name, just changing the number to a higher number to signify its higher level. Nvidia named the second card after the Nvidia CMP 40 HX.

Although they have superior specifications, the fact is that the two also have similarities between each other. The first difference is that the hashrate of the 40 HX series is higher than that of the 30 HX series. In this series, you will find a hashrate of 36 MH/s. For the memory size of this card, Nvidia provides it with 8 Gb of memory. Both of these things make the 40 HX series has more value.

As we know, a good specification will require more power to operate it. That makes the average power by this graphics card 185 W.

3. Nvidia CMP 50 HX

Nvidia CMP 50 HX
Nvidia CMP 50 HX

If you think the specification of the 40 HX series is still lacking, Ada can use Nvidia CMP 50 HX. This series has advantages over the previous series. The first advantage lies in its very fast hashrate up to 45 MH/s. Not only that, but other advantages also lie in memory sizes up to 10 GB. This makes the 50 HX series very worth your use.

For its electrical power, the average graphics card will consume up to 250 W. Of course it is balanced with the specifications of the gods it has. In addition, the power connector on this graphics card is also different from the other two series above. For its power connector, the 50 HX series has 2x 8-pins.

4. Nvidia CMP 60 HX

If the 50 HX series in your opinion is the best, try also consider the Nvidia CMP 60 HX. In this series, you’ll find the god’s specs. The first is its very fast hashrate up to 86 MH/s. A very no-kidding amount and very good for mining cryptocurrencies.

In terms of memory size you’ll get is also good, the size is the same as the 50 HX series which is 10 GB. This amount is perfect for you to use in mining cryptocurrencies.

Even so, the power usage by this card is quite large. Its average power reaches up to 320 W and is the highest of any series.

Until now the hardware form of Nvidia CMP is still a mystery. However, Nvidia promises that the CMP will be able to be attached to an open bracket to maximize air circulation.

By introducing a special chip mining the cryptocurrency, Nvidia seems to be building a barrier wall. It seems to make a difference between miners and gamers who in between become consumers.

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