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Officially Released, This Is the Difference Between Free Fire Max and Free Fire

Officially Released, This Is the Difference Between Free Fire Max and Free Fire

Garena has launched Free Fire Max globally, including Indonesia. The game can already be downloaded on the Google Play Store or App Store. Free Fire Max is the latest application from Garena that offers the maximum experience when playing Free Fire (FF) with graphics and audio visuals. Free Fire Game producer Christian Wihananto, said the release of this game is a request from communities around the world.

“Since the opening of pre-registration at the end of August, we have seen very high enthusiasm around the world, especially in Indonesia. Free Fire Max is presented at the request of the Free Fire community around the world including Indonesia. That is the experience of playing Free Fire more maximally with improved graphics and the addition of new features in the game, “said Christian in his official statement, quoted Wednesday (09/29/2021).

FF players who want to use the Max version will not lose progress in the old game. They can even log into Free Fire Max using the same account as the FF app. Here’s a new feature in FF Max.


It is a special feature that allows Survivor to insist on creating their own maps and playing them with others. In this mode, Survivor can add several objects, buildings to other decorations to their artificial folders.

Completed folders can be played with other players in both FF and Max versions. The map or folder can also be shared and can add subscribes, likes or share their favorite maps.

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More Realistic Folders

Improved graphics on the Max version allow players to see details better than their favorite maps. To add a more realistic gaming experience, also add an effect to the map. Including on graphics of the surrounding environment, waters and safe zones. Players can also try to graze a tree to find out the effect of leaves falling on the ground.

Sound Effects and Animations

Visuals and audio on Free Fire Max are also updated. There are basic movement animations like jumping, crawling and running that are more realistic and smoother. In addition, there is also a special animation of players consuming mushrooms and opening the parachute when dropping into the map.

Updates are also seen on the weapon, animation when reloading also plus more real sound effects. There is also a tracking effect on gun shots and gunshot holes will be visible on certain walls and structures on the map.

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