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OnlyFans Now Illegalize Pornographic Content

OnlyFans Now Illegalize Pornographic Content

OnlyFans suddenly became a hot topic, we need to announce a new policy to ban pornographic content. This platform itself is a subscription content service formed in November 2016 and is known as the container of adult content platforms,

The UK-based site is indeed relaxed enough to show pornographic photos or videos. This also makes it different from the services offered by Instagram and Facebook. This concept that frees its users but is paid and private makes it a target for sex workers to appear on the platform. Moreover, creators are able to earn money from their content customers.

OnlyFans was built by Timothy Stokely five years ago. He was born 38 years ago in Harlow, Essex, England. Now, the youngest son of a bank holds the position of CEO of OnlyFans. For his achievements, he earned the nickname The King of Homemade from the Sunday Times.

The platform’s popularity peaked during the COVID-19pandemic. In addition to being the target of sex workers, this service is also a dream for musicians to influencers to earn income from their followers.

But surprisingly, OnlyFans seemed to rotate 180 degrees after the site decided to ban pornographic content.

“In order to ensure the long-lasting sustainability of this platform and be an inclusive community for creators and fans, we must develop a content guide,” a spokesperson for the site said.

But in addition to these reasons, this step is also a result of the pressure of payment service companies. For example, Visa and MasterCard are increasingly strict in applying rules related to pornography. OnlyFans itself also admitted the decision was made to meet the requests of payment partners and banks.

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Previously, the platform also led regulators to suspect it of being an illegal business practice. For example in the United States, where hundreds of Members of Congress requested an investigation into OnlyFans for displaying illegal content, including the content of minors.

The pornographic content will come into effect on October 1, 2021. The platform still allows nude posts, but it should not lead to inappropriate actions.

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