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OPPO A93 5G Released This Month, Check out the Specifications

OPPO A93 5G Specs

OPPO company announced its latest gadget, oppo A93 5G series, which will be launched in the near future on Thursday last week (14/01). The launch makes the device the second smartphone from china to use Snapdragon 480 5G from Qualcomm. Previously, Vivo had previously launched Vivo Y31S as the first smartphone to use the Snapdragon 480 5G chipset.

With the release of the A93 5G series, it seems like the answer for its users who expect OPPO to relaunch the mid-level 5G smartphone. Because this is not the first time oppo has released a 5G smartphone. Oppo previously released the Reno 4 pro and 5 series that have 5G connectivity for flagship levels and A73 5G for mid-level.

OPPO A93 5G is the successor to its predecessor OPPO A93 which was released in October 2020. OPPO plans to release the device in china in the near future. However, there is no further information regarding when the release of the device globally.

A93 and A93 5G Similar But Not The Same

A93 and A93 5G
A93 and A93 5G Similar But Not The Same

Although the names are both the same as brothers and sisters, but in terms of specifications and design Oppo A93 5G is quite different. The design of the OPPO A93 5G rear camera is more similar to the A92 that was released long before the A93 series. Regarding the design of the camera, OPPO users highlighted 2 rear cameras measuring 2 megapixels that they considered very useless.

One user expressed his hope that OPPO would dispose of the 2 megapixels camera on the back and reduce the price. The 2 cameras are actually portrait and macro cameras. However, users felt the camera was not very useful.

In terms of appearance, OPPO A93 already has a super Amoled screen and the A93 5G is still with IPS. But in terms of screen dimensions, the A93 5G has a wider screen of 0.07 inch.

For platforms that both use, the A93 5G series has many advantages. The android version used, A93 5G already uses Android 11 with Color OS 11.1. The chipset on the device is also the pride of OPPO, snapdragon 480 5G. For GPUs, the A93 5G series already uses Andreno 619.

OPPO A93 5G also has a very large memory capacity, which is 256 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM. That seems to be an absolute advantage for this series. No other smartphone offers that much memory at an affordable price.

In addition to Memory, the A93 5G series is also complete with a jumbo-capacity battery, which is 5000 mAh. However, for A93 5G series charging equipment only fast charging 18 Watt. That is very disappointing because OPPO has Vooc technology and also some smartphones have fast charging up to 30 Watts.

Price Offered

A93 and A93 5G prices
Price Offered

The cost that OPPO A93 5G offers is in the range of 1999 Yuan or 4.3 million rupiah for the 256 GB memory variant. As for the 128 memory variant, there is still no clarity until now. The series also comes in 3 colors: Aurora, Dazzling Black, and Elegant Silver. The Aurora variant is the most special because it can change when you look at it from a different angle

The price of OPPO A93 5G is quite competitive at the level. Most mid-level with the same price range does not provide memory of A93 5G. Not to mention this gadget race kitchen already has the latest Qualcomm chipsets.

Although the A93 5G series has been present for the Chinese market. OPPO has not given an explanation as to when the smartphone will be available for the global market, especially Indonesia. OPPO users hope that this gadget will also enter the Indonesian market to increase competition between mid-level gadgets.

OPPO A93 5G or Vivo Y31S?

OPPO A93 5G or Vivo Y31
OPPO A93 5G or Vivo Y31S?

Vivo and OPPO may have an image that is not much different in people’s minds. Both brands boast their selfie camera technology. The slogans are both firmly embedded in people’s minds, OPPO with selfie expert and Vivo with perfect selfie.

To date, the two are still competing on every level. Starting from the lower, medium level gadgets, to the flagship. If you’re confused about choosing OPPO or Vivo as your daily gadget, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the differences offered by the two gadgets.

Not long after Vivo launched Vivo Y31S which uses Snapdragon 480 5G chipset. OPPO seemed to fire a beard and launched oppo A93 5G in a period not so long since Vivo launched its gadgets. Do the two have differences?

The answer is definitely different Oppo A93 5G and Vivo Y31S specifications. However, is it significant? The answer is no. Both have a lot in common ranging from display, chipset, memory, OS, GPU, to CPU. The most striking difference is that the internal memory offered by OPPO A93 5G is very large, which is 256 GB.

Both brands seemed like no one wanted to lose the start so forced one of them to innovate more. Since Vivo has first launched the Y31 S, it forces OPPO to provide a different innovation by installing 256 GB of internal memory.

Besides memory, there are no more striking oppo A93 5G and Vivo Y31S specs than the camera resolution and camera design. So, if you’re confused to choose between Vivo and OPPO, try to reconsider the differences and price ranges offered. Don’t forget to adjust to your needs and what the phone will be used for

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