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Professional Photography Tips Using a Smartphone Camera

Professional Photography Tips Using a Smartphone Camera

In today’s technological era, the development of photography is growing rapidly. People are more confident to capture all the moments that happen in their lives. This is further reinforced by the emergence of the term “selfie” which became famous around the world. More and more types of cameras are popping up such as digital cameras, pocket cameras, SLR cameras, DSLR cameras, smartphone camera, to action cameras. Now it’s not just expert photographers who can capture and capture a moment, now everyone can easily shoot. Even small children can now use the camera.

Usually many people feel more comfortable shooting using a smartphone camera. Smartphone cameras today do have features that are no less good with digital cameras and DSLRs. In addition, smartphone cameras are also lighter than digital cameras and DSLRs. Actually, just by using a smartphone camera you can already produce high-quality photos like a professional photographer. Of course, you’ll need to maximize the features on your smartphone’s camera if you want to get a good photo. Here are professional photography tips using just a smartphone camera.

Understand the features of your smartphone’s camera

Of course, before shooting you have to understand exactly what are the functions of the features on the smartphone camera. In addition to understanding, we recommend that you also try these features. Some commonly used features include flash, resolution, brightness, contrast, timer, effect, shooting mode,and several others. Once you’ve understood and tried, get used to them when shooting.

Using the rule of thirds composition

What is the rule of thirdsfeature? This feature is a composition on smartphone cameras that is used to break the frame into three equal parts horizontally and horizontally. The user will be made easy to see the best composition when shooting. It is useful to place the photo object in the center of the frame.

Objects fill the viewfinder

Another tactic to get a good photo is to use the viewfinderfeature. It is recommended that when photographing objects should fill the viewfinder or screen of the smartphone. This is so that the object of the photo is more clearly visible. Do not use the zoom feature as this may make the image quality less.

Use support apps

Once you’ve produced a good photo, you can instantly edit it with a photo editing app to maximize the results. You can use the photo editing app on your smartphone, PC, or laptop. Nowadays this kind of application is very diverse and the quality is quite capable.

Tips and tricks to get professional photos like a photographer you can apply in your daily life whentaking selfies. Happy photo hunting, yes!

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