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PS5 Opens Pre-Order In Indonesia, Note the Date

PS5 Open Pre-Order

PS5 Pre-Order, Sony’s next-gen console has been confirmed the launch date along with the price. In Indonesia itself, PS5 will be officially available on January 22, 2021. Ps5 Indonesian version will come in two variants, Standard Edition and Digital Edition. What are the PS5 specifications?

For those of you who have long waited for the presence of this PS5, you do not need to worry anymore because in this month, Indonesian consumers can already pre-order PS5 in a number of retail that cooperates with Sony. Approximately when the PS5 pre-order date is open? For that, listen carefully yes.

PS5 Pre-order Date in Indonesia

Although it is only available in 2021, Sony has opened the initial PS5 pre-order session in Indonesia on December 18, 2020. This PS5 can already pre-order through official retailers that cooperate with Sony in a number of major cities in Indonesia. the official retailers are spread in the cities of Medan, Tangerang, Jakarta, Bandung, to Bali.

Ps5 pre-order mechanism in Indonesia will later use the lottery system. Consumers who want to pre-order are required to take a lucky draw number first. Currently, several retailers in Indonesia that cooperate with Sony have started to open lottery number registration. The retailers are PS Enterprise (Pse) and Multi Game in collaboration with Shopee.

This lottery system starts on Wednesday (12/16/2020) until Friday (12/18/2020). If there are customers who intend to join the raffle session, they will be asked to register in advance by purchasing a ticket for Rp.1 through shopee account. Please note that each consumer can purchase two raffle tickets for each PS5 variant.

PS5 Pre-Order
PS5 Pre-Order

Regarding the announcement about the selected applicants will be held on Saturday (12/19/2020) at 12.00 WIB through a notification on Shopee. For the purchase process can be done on the same day at 13.00 WIB.

In addition to the two retail that have been mentioned, GS Shop also opened pre-orders for ps5 purchases through the lottery system. The retailer opens the registration of lottery numbers through its official website. Interested consumers will be asked to fill out a form starting from their full name, mobile phone number, email address and accessories that will be desired. At GS Shop, the draw process will be held on Friday (12/18/2020). For those who are lucky, it can directly do the PS5 booking process.


This PS5 specification will come with an AMD Zen 2 (Octa-core) processor that has a speed of 3.5 GHz. The processor used by the PS5 is known to be higher than that used by PS4 equipped with 8 AMD Jaguar processors that produce a speed of 1.6 GHz.

Regarding its own storage, PS5 has a RAM capacity that is twice as large as the PS4 which is 16 GB of RAM. The internal storage memory used also uses Solid State Drive (SSD) which has a much higher speed compared to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) used by PS4. PS5 has an SSD with a capacity of about 825 GB where this memory can still be expanded with additional SSDs.

With the storage media used, the game loading process time is claimed to be shorter.

Ps5’s graphics capabilities are enhanced with AMD’s RDNA 2-based processors. This graphical upgrade resulted in 36 CU and computing power of 10.28 Teraflops. The angak is arguably improved from the PS4’s GPU which only produces 18 CU and computing power of 1.8 Teraflops. Not only that, ps5 is also supported with higher image resolution ranging from 4K with a refresh rate of 120 Hz to 8K. In addition, the PS5 also comes with 3D audio.

PS5 specifications
PS5 Specifications

PS5 Price

In Indonesia, PS5 comes in two variants, namely Standard Edition and Digital Edition. Regarding the price, both variants are priced differently. For PS5 Standard Edition priced around Rp. 8,799,000 of which this variant is equipped with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc slot. As for the PS5 Digital Edition variant is priced around Rp. 7,299,000 of which there is no Blu-ray disc slot.

After pre-ordering, consumers will have to wait until next year because the new PS5 will be available in Indonesia on January 22, 2021. Please note that these pre-orders are raffle and PS5 units are only available in limited stock. This can mean that not all participating consumers can buy a PS5. Only consumers who manage to win the lottery have the opportunity to buy PS5.

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So that’s the information about the new console from Sony, the PS5, which will soon be opened pre-order system in Indonesia. Consumers can get this PS5 if they win a lottery conducted by several official retailers in Indonesia. who have cooperated with Sony. Good luck and good luck.

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