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Samsung Solar TV Remote Released This Year

Samsung's Solar TV Remote

When you’re enjoying watching your favorite shows on television, tv remotes are a must-have that should always be around you, right? Although sometimes this object has properties that sometimes disappear when you want to wear. But useful when you want to turn on the TV or just when you want to change the broadcast.

But did you know that often when we are having fun watching television and want to move the broadcast, the remote suddenly you can not use because it runs out of battery? Eventually it was forced to use a manual way to replace it. This is what finally encouraged Samsung to create the latest technology. Previously Samsung had created a TV first

Samsung Has An Idea in the Form of a Solar TV Remote

Samsung Has An Idea in the Form of a Solar TV Remote
Samsung Has An Idea in the Form of a Solar TV Remote

For those of you who use electronics, then Samsung is no longer a new brand that you will meet in the market. Samsung itself is a multinational company with a headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. The company has many subsidiaries, the majority of which have businesses under the Samsung brand.

Historically Samsung was founded by a man named Lee Byung Chul in 1938 in Korea. It was founded with the intention of becoming a trading company. But over time the company eventually expanded to several sectors such as food processors, textiles, insurance, securities to intel. Until then in the 1960s Samsung finally decided to enter the electronics industry

Eco-Friendly TV Remote

Eco-Friendly TV Remote
Eco-Friendly TV Remote

In 2004 Samsung Electronics created a new invention. Samsung wants to build a product that is environmentally friendly. They want an early planning of a product that will remain environmentally friendly.

The researchers in it continue to analyze as well as researchers the potential impact of the product on the environment. In fact, Samsung also provides the best efforts for its consumers. The goal is to get products that will not only make the environment aware but also functionally.

From conserving resources to creating new and innovative products that are useful to ensure that products can be easily recycled at the end of their life.

Samsung Implements Certification System For Eco Partners

Samsung Electronic acknowledges that it has evaluated Eco Partners in all suppliers of products and parts for them to check carefully not only until the product but up to the spare parts. Not until there they also provide certification that provides evidence that they are also thinking of standards for Substance Control. This will be their use in the product as well as the supplier’s environmental quality management system. Suppliers will then submit a report on the environment of the product which will contain evidence of hazardous substance information that they have, along with data from the raw materials company.

Then later Samsung itself will conduct a thorough assessment. This is done by visiting the supplier’s manufacturing site to verify the documents they send.

To maintain eco partner certificates, suppliers must participate in the audit process created by Samsung itself and if they fail the audit. Then they will be excluded from the supply chain. In this way, Samsung seeks to incorporate some of their suppliers into their Green Management initiative system. For that, Samsung’s system is quite strict.

Eco Remote Control

After Samsung succeeded with its electronics in the form of a TV some time ago. Now with great enthusiasm, Samsung brings a new breakthrough. This breakthrough is their creation of a solar-powered TV remote.

The latest device they have has the name Eco Remote Control. This device has the same shape and function as samsung TV remote in general. The remote also has various control buttons as well as shortcuts.

But is a regular Remote owned by Samsung the same as this Remote Eco? Of course there is a difference between the two. This difference is seen from the back of the eco remote. The remote is generally on the back you will use to install the battery then for this one remote. However, you will find a refill place that will later have to use solar panels. This panel is actually on the back of the remote.

Samsung also claims that by using the technology, people will be able to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce each year.

Samsung TV Remote Specifications

Samsung TV Remote Specifications
Samsung TV Remote Specifications

The device weighs only about thirty-one grams and is known to be made of plastic. Twenty-eight percent of the material is known to be recycled polyethylene terephthalate plastic.

Although this product relies on solar panels, but This Eco Remote Control by Samsung has them many times a USB type C port.

Samsung calls it an eco-friendly remote. This product they claim can last approximately two years of use in one charge. Meanwhile, for the battery life itself they claim that the battery can be used for approximately seven years by following the average cycle of television use.

According to the applicable news, the remote that owns the solar panels owned by Samsung will start there in 2021. However, for the exact time, Samsung does not want to give further details.

At the talks, Samsung said the remote setup was an attempt to prevent the waste of AA batteries that accounted for up to 99 million over a seven-year period. In addition to this solar-powered remote, Samsung will begin to continue its efforts by presenting a packaging box for the product in order to preserve the environment.

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Samsung even offers a solution that can help to recycle up to two hundred thousand tons of CARDBOARD TV waste per year and later they will turn it into home décor.

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