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Huawei P50 Review With HarmonyOS Features

Huawei P50 Review With HarmonyOS Features

Some time ago through a shocking news that Huawei will use harmonyOS features that are very sophisticated and current. This news is widely circulated and has long been the truth. Some time ago Also Huawei will announce a series of their latest phones that will use that feature for the first time this year namely Huawei P50.

In one of China’s state-owned online websites, Huawei said that their latest series of Huawei P50 will not be the first to use harmonyOS features

HarmonyOS As a Flagship Feature

Recently heard info about Huawei who created a microkernel-based system. This device has almost the same functionality as the Android-based OS but with the OS for loT devices.

According to the information circulating, because of the trade war that began to heat up between America and China. As a result China created its own software to outperform Android. Some time ago there was news that China created a software called HongMengOS, but it was only apparent after 2 years they developed it. It’s rumored that the news can only be found out early in 2019.

But a while ago they suddenly gave a statement in mid-August 2020 that they had launched a Custom OS device for their mobile phone called Harony OS. This news was officially announced during an interview at one of Huawei’s annual conferences.

HarmonyOS Differences From Other OS

Huawei P50 Review With HarmonyOS Features
HarmonyOS Differences From Other OS

Besides HarmonyOS is an invention by the Chinese state itself. This device has quite a difference you can consider when using Android.

Huawei itself said, if one day smartphones can not use Android software because of one particular thing. This will not happen for their software. Some of the things that are a comparison between the two are

First things first. HarmonyOS software does not use the Linux kernel. Quite different from Android. For these devices they are not developed by the Linux kernel. The kernel is a device that is at the core of the OS and has access to hardware. Instead Harmony OS is developed with a small chip or microkernel, smaller in size than android has.

Second thing. Harmony OS software uses the concept of task scheduling and data management to improve performance.

The third thing is HarmonyOS uses an advanced scheduling system. This mechanism uses a real-time forecast load analysis to allocate resources and match characteristics.

And the last point is, for this OS does not use root access that Android currently uses. This improves the security of systems and devices in general.

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Huawei P50 Camera
Released This April 2021

HarmonyOS itself has not actually undergone an update. It is still a beta which means it is still experimental. One of Huawei’s officials said that it has confirmed that the device will be installed at least 90% of smartphones owned by Huawei and Honor.

This different version of HarmonyOS is rumored to be available for public use in April 2021. Huawei has indeed planned to launch its own smartphone operating system. This is because they want to immediately reduce the dependency of existing operating systems owned by the United States.

Some mobile phones that are rumored to use this software system include Huawei Mate 40, Huawei Mate X, Huawei P40 and others. Then for honor phone itself, namely Honor V40, Honor 30 Pro, Honor V30, Honor X10 and many others. In addition to the two series, huawei also uses harmonyOS on their smartwatches as well as Tablets.

Huawei P50

One of the smartphone series owned by Huawei that will use harmonyOS software system is Huawei P50. Currently all over social media that China has, this phone is a hot conversation because it will be released this year with a different concept to their previous mobile phone series.

In one of china’s social media informs about the leaked specifications of this mobile phone series. Reportedly for this phone will be equipped with a screen that is much smaller than usual which is only 6.2 inches. But make no mistake, because huawei P50 this time has 3 variants that can be your next choice. Namely P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro Plus

Huawei P50’s Small Screen

Huawei P50 Review With HarmonyOS Features
Huawei P50’s Small Screen

In the midst of the rapid growth of mobile phone series by each company. Huawei now comes with the option of a mobile screen whose screen will be smaller than in the next series.

From a mass media smartphone page. Some say that the design they choose later will be very similar to their P40 series released in 2020 and the screen part will have holes for the front camera. However, for this series they are 73mm wide with a height of 159mm.

But you need to know that this is still a rumor and there has been no immediate clarification. Especially from Huawei’s own side. Because they are still busy with their software development that must be completed before April 2021. They want to implement a software that is much lighter and advanced than Android software or iOs by the United States.

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If HarmoniS in beta is successful in penetrating the market. It is unlikely that Huawei will start producing or enforcing such systems in China.

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