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Rumoured to Be a Clubhouse Competitor, Twitter Will Release Spaces Feature In April 2021

Twitter Spaces

After the Clubhouse app boomed, Twitter is known to have trialled its newest feature known as Spaces. Spaces is arguably almost similar to the Clubhouse which is equally in the form of an audio chat room so that people can listen to conversations with others. However, the Clubhouse is only available on iOS, while spaces itself will reportedly be available for Both Android and iOS devices.

Spaces was brought in by Twitter to rival the popularity of the Clubhouse which is still a popular audio chat app. To that end, Twitter is rumored to be releasing Spaces to the public next month. When exactly will Spaces be released by Twitter and what features will the clubhouse’s competitors bring? let’s check out the reviews below!

Twitter Spaces release time.

Twitter is rumored to be launching the Spaces feature publicly in April 2021. Surely this is the right step for Twitter considering that the current trend of audio chat applications has not decreased. This feature will be available on Android and iOS devices.

The release schedule was announced live on Spaces’ official Twitter account. In the announcement, Twitter will allow all users to host Spaces at the beginning of its release. According to a Twitter spokesperson quoted from TechCrunch (03/13/2021) said that:

“We confirm that this spaces release is intended for all users, both Android and iOS users, not just for beta testers”

The release of Spaces is fairly fast compared to other Twitter features. In fact, Spaces was only conducted a trial on iOS at the end of December 2020. In fact, new Android users tried this feature for a few weeks after the trial.

All users can later join and listen to conversations in Spaces, but only users who are joined as testers can create conversations. However, beta testers to create conversations don’t exist on Android, beta testers are only available on iOS.

Music features to welcome listeners to chat rooms

Twitter is known to not only rush the release of Spaces to the public, but also develop all the features inside Spaces. Recently, Twitter was considering music support in Spaces when welcoming users who logged into chat rooms. Not only that, they’re also thinking of ways to integrate with tweets in Spaces.

For the music feature, Twitter wants to provide music that the host can use to welcome listeners, while for tweets, Twitter plans to display tweets in Spaces that will not be visible in the public timeline of Twitter users.

Spaces’ release to the public was judged too soon to raise concerns. Considering the Clubhouse app is still problematic in content moderation where many users experience verbal abuse and many people use the Clubhouse to deceive others. Of course, this makes many people worry whether the fate of Spaces will be the same as the Clubhouse.

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