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Samsung Exynos 1080, Chipset With First 5nm Fabrication

Samsung Exynos 1080, Chipset With First 5nm Fabrication

In January 2021, Samsung is rumored to be launching the Galaxy S21 series where it is supported with a better chipset than previous series. Samsung first released its latest System-on-chip which will be used in Samsung’s best devices to be released in 2021. The new chipset is named Exynos 1080 which will reportedly be used in Samsung devices for the middle class.

Samsung Releases Exynos 1080 Chipset

Samsung Exynos
Samsung Exynos

The release of the latest Exynos 1080 chipset was conducted in China on Thursday, (12/11/2020). This chipset comes as a form of improvement from the previous Exynos 990 chipset used in the Galaxy Note 20 series. Prior to Samsung, this 5nm fabricated chipset was first owned by Apple. Apple A14 Bionic is used in both the latest iPad Air tablets and the iPhone 12 series.

This latest Samsung chipset is made with 5nm fabrication using EUV FinFET technology integrated with 5G network. Exynos 1080 became Samsung’s first chipset with 5nm fabrication. EUV FinFET technology, Exynos 1080 is claimed to provide more capable performance than previous chipsets, one of which is Exynos 990. In fact, the performance that this latest chipset will produce is arguably the chipset for the flagship device.

Samsung Exynos
Exynos 1080 Performance

Exynos 1080 Processor

Exynos 1080 itself relies on an Octa-core CPU processor that it claims is capable of delivering 50% higher single-core performance than previous chipsets. As for the multi-core performance of exynos 1080 is rumored to be twice as fast as its predecessor

The CPU used by Exynos 1080 consists of eight cores. Four cortex-a78 (1×2.8GHz + 3×2.6GHz) while the other four are Cortex-A55 (4×2.0GHz). This CPU is supported with Mali-G78 MP 10 GPU, NPU. This CPU is capable of processing 5.7 TOPS, LPDDR5/LPDDR4x RAM support and UFS 3.1 internal storage memory.

In its launch on Thursday, (12/11/2020) in China, core performance inside exynos 1080 is claimed to have a firmer and more resilient performance when compared to the cores in snapdragon 865+ and Kirin 9000 namely Cortex-A77. GPU in Exynos 1080 experienced a 130% higher performance improvement compared to the Mali-G77 MP 11 in Exynos 990.

Exynos 1080 is claimed to be capable of producing maximum visual display where the chipset provides HDR10+ content support with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz in full HD+ resolution. It was a good improvement. Previously on Exynos 990 could only produce feresh rate of 60Hz at its highest resolution.

It has been said before that exynos 1080 is integrated with a 5G modem that supports sub-6GHz networks and 5G mmWave standards. In addition, the chipset also supports 4G LTE networks. Other connectivity, Exynos 1080 is also supported with Bluetooth 5.2 WiFi 6, FM to GNSS radios that support GPS, Glonnas, Galileo, and Beidou.

Speaking of cameras, Exynos 1080 supports single camera configurations up to 200MP and dual cameras with configurations ranging from 32MP+32MP. Thanks to a good ISP, this chipset supports 4K video recording at 60fps with 10-bit.

Exynos 1080 will be available on mobile phones to be released early in 2021. Surprisingly, the first phone to use Exynos 1080 is not from a Samsung product, but a Vivo phone. Reportedly the first Vivo phone to be equipped with Exynos 1080 is vivo x60 series. Some vivo phones have used samsung-made chipsets Exynos 980 and Exynos 880, one of which is on Vivo Y70s phones.

In addition, word circulated that Xiaomi and Oppo were said to be using samsung’s homemade chips. As to whether true or not, consumers can only wait until 2021 and see what devices will be released that year along with the chipsets used.

Samsung itself has not made an official announcement on what phones will be supported with the Exynos 1080 chipset. However, in January 2021, Samsung is rumored to be releasing the Galaxy S21 series with the support of the latest chipset that is still unknown to be using what chipset. As a consumer can only wait until launched one of the smartphones that uses the Exynos 1080 chipset.

Well that’s the latest news from Samsung which has launched its latest chipset and became the first chipset to have 5nm fabrication with 5G modem support. The chipset, called Exynos 1080, will reportedly be used on smartphones for release in 2021.

Hopefully what is reviewed in this article will benefit you so that you will know the chipset that was just released by Samsung in China.

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