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Sites To Learn Coding For Free

Sites To Learn Coding For Free

Site To Learn Coding Free – If you want to learn about coding, then you come across the right page, because I will talk about sites that will give you free coding lessons.

If you are a layman who wants to learn or have plans to create awebsite? If so, it’s a good fit to listen to this post. I dare say that if you listen to the end and follow what is suggested below, in the near future at least you will understand the basis of the codes used to create the website. There are not a few tutorials for learning the scripts to create a website.

One of them is studying on websites that provide tutorials as well as practices for creating objects on the website. Learning on these sites is free, easy and hassle-free. You’re not obliged to bring in teachers to teach you. Although it is proven to be better when there are mentors. Here are 7 of the best sites you can walk into to learn HTML, CSS and PHP code.


W3school is a programming site that I think is the most complete and easiest to learn. This is because W3school shows not only theory, but also practice. You can exclusively try practicing the code discussed right away.
In addition, W3school is also not limited to ways to html, css, as well as php. W3school is also equipped by means of other more complex site codes such as Javascript, JQuery, ASP, and so on.


Similar to W3school, Code Academy also allows you to delve into the code and practice it right away. Other programming languages that can be learned are javascript, Jquery, Python and Ruby. Tutorials at Code Academy are highly structured as well as practical.
In addition to learning, you can also guide by enrolling in Code Academy, then using the “Teach” feature that has been provided.


Basically, Code Avengers is almost the same as the 2 websites above. However, the way here is focused on making products aka a result. There are 3 focused ways that you can follow here, namely Build websites, Build apps, and Build games.

That is, in Codeavengers you are able to create a website with exclusive guidance from its website features. However, unfortunately you are only able to delve into HTML and CSS alone to create a website.


In Codeschool, there are 4 courses that you can participate in in a free way, namely HTML/CSS, Ruby, iOS, and Javascript. The advantages of Codeschool from the three websites above are that each course is taught through posts and videos, so it’s easier to understand.

The course at Codeschool is also given gradually and after that you will be given challenges that you must pass in order to get the next challenge. This challenge is the creation of an object displayed with the learned code. The drawbacks are the same as Codeavengers, Codeschool doesn’t provide courses for PHP.


Forum for the gathering of programmers
Dream in code is a forum site is a gathering area of programmers both site programmers and desktops. So, there you are able to delve into the posts given by the masters in a free way and you are also able to share your knowledge. The tutorials here can’t afford to practice exclusively there.

However, in terms of the completeness of the topic, there is more complete. You can also ask about the issues you face through the forum.

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