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Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 Aircraft Specifications

How Did Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 Missing Yesterday's Specs?

On Saturday (09/01) yesterday there was shocking news that an aircraft belonging to Sriwijaya Air number SJY182 had been reported missing. Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said that the plane took off from Soekarno-Hatta Airport at 14:36 WIB.

He added that at 2:37 p.m., the plane was still at an altitude of 1,700 and the plane had permission to climb to an altitude of 29,000 feet. But afterwards the plane instead headed northwest, and that’s when they lost contact.

Aircraft Series Specifications

This aircraft is a type of Boeing 737-500. The SJ182 was an early variant of the Boeing 737 series. However, the 737-500 series is a relatively older and smaller aircraft. So SJ182 is a plane that has a fairly old age.

The Boeing 737-500 is the shortest variant of the Boeing 737 Classic Series. The first user of this variant was Southwest Airlines which ordered 20 aircraft in 1987. For the Boeing 737-500 series, they actually created to replace the Boeing 737-200 series.

For the Boeing 737-500 series they have the following specifications their length is approximately 31.0 (m) with a width of sayar (m) 28.9, has a height (m) 11.1 and their wingspan is approximately (m2) 105.4.

Details of SJ182 Aircraft Specifications

SJ182 Aircraft Specifications
SJ182 Aircraft Specifications

The specifications for the plane that just crashed and crashed have 2 engines namely CFMI CFM56-3CI. The age of the aircraft is 26.7 years, Registration PK-CLC. Serial Aircraft Number 27323. It first flew on May 13, 1994, meaning it had been flying for 27 years.

The Boeing Company That Produced the Aircraft

Sriwijaya Air’s SJ182 series aircraft are aircraft made by The Boeing Company. But what exactly is Boeing? The Boeing Company is a multinational company that has a job or duty in the form of designing, producing and even selling several types of aircraft. Types of aircraft they sell such as aircraft, rockets, rotor aircraft and satellites

The Boeing company is also one of the largest aircraft producers. In fact they are the world’s second largest defense contractor.

The series of aircraft that Sriwijaya has with the SJ182 series is actually a variation of Boeing that they created from 1983 to 2000. That variant includes classic variants where there are several types such as the 300, 400 to 500 series. The 737-300 variant itself is known as the first variant of the 737 classic.

Chronology of Events

According to the National SAR Agency, he said that the plane likely crashed around laki and lancang islands in Kepulauan Seribu Regency after lost contact.

The chronology was also told, The Transportation Material named Budi Karya Sumadi gave information that the plane took off scheduled at 14:36. At that time the plane was seen to have left Soekarno-Hatta Airport which had a destination to Supadio Airport.

But on the way, the plane had delayed its departure for 30 minutes due to unstable sky conditions due to heavy rain. Sriwijaya Air even confirmed that the flight delay was not due to the aircraft’s impossible condition but due to extreme weather.

After that they continued their journey, but at 2.40pm the plane suddenly lost contact. It happened four minutes after the plane took off from the airport. The plane was briefly allowed by the airport to climb to an altitude of 29,000 feet at 2:37 p.m. However, after that, the airport said that the aircraft did not fit the direction of travel that should have been and even seemed to be missing from radar.

Lost Aircraft Contact

Lost Aircraft Contact
Lost Aircraft Contact

Later at 2:55 p.m., Basarnas received one of the reports saying that the plane had lost contact from 2:55 p.m. Following the report, Basarnas’ team immediately followed up. The report also said that the plane lost contact while in the sky over the Thousand Islands or about eleven miles away from Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Suspected Plane Crashes

After the investigation, Basarnas responded that the beaming plane SJ182 had crashed between Laki Island and Lancang Island. The allegations came after some residents living around Lancang Island said they heard a bang at 3 p.m.

Some residents said they found a number of debris that residents suspected came from the fuselage of the SJ182. Some residents even added that one of the residents found human body parts, but that information could not be confirmed because authorities had not gathered any evidence at the scene.

One twitter account said the plane had experienced a fairly extreme drop in altitude in a short period of time. He even emphatically said that the plane had lost altitude of more than ten thousand feet or it could be said to be three thousand meters in less than a minute.

From the data that has been downloaded, in the note said that Sriwijaya Air with the SJ182 series dropped five thousand five hundred feet in just 15 seconds. Meanwhile from a height of five thousand four hundred to two hundred and fifty feet in just 7 seconds.


Sriwijaya Air SJ 182

No one has yet been able to conclude clearly what was going on. But officers are working to figure out the main cause of why the plane got off track. Currently, the media can only show the list of Sriwijaya passengers who were flying that day. Until now, the number of survivors has not been confirmed.

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Meanwhile, many families of the victims who have come to the airport from the morning to find out more about their relatives who went missing with the plane.

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