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Macbook Air M1 Specs and Price

Macbook Air M1 Specs and Price

Although Apple introduced the Macbook Air M1 in November last year, it has only been able to enter Indonesia this year. This Macbook makes many people wonder about its quality. That’s because of the processor that’s in the Macbook.

Apple introduced its first processor through this product. The processor has the name M1. It even claims that the processor makes the Macbook Air M1 has outstanding performance.

Apple even revealed that it took about a decade to prepare the chipset. Apple hopes that the creation of the M1 chipset will take the Macbook into a new era.

The M1 is designed to use 2nm technology with the support of 16 billion transistors. That makes this chipset so special because it has the biggest element Apple has ever put in their chip.

Apple didn’t mess around, the company developed the M1 which has many advantages. All the technology that has ever existed in Apple’s previous CPU is incorporated into one into the M1. So the M1 is claimed to be able to provide a level of integration and better in terms of power efficiency. In addition, M1 technology has a memory architecture that combines high bandwidth and low memory latency into one. That makes all the technologies in the chip capable of accessing the same data without copying between different memory sets.

In addition to releasing the Macbook Air M1, Apple also released the Macbook Pro M1 which has higher specifications than the Air M1. Both have a design that is not much different and both have 2 colors namely Silver and Space Grey.

Things Different Between Macbook Air M1 and Macbook Pro M1

Macbook Air M1 and Macbook Pro M1
Things Different Between Macbook Air M1 and Macbook Pro M1

Both are products that look the same but differ in terms of performance. This product has two variants of SSD with quite good performance such as Pro M1 embedded 8 Core GPU.

The two variants of Macbook M1 have gpu differences, which is the cheapest with 7 cores and on top of which there are 8 core variants. However, both variants of the Macbook Pro M1 have the same 8-core GPU. The difference in SSDs is also the reason the two have different prices. Both Types of Macbooks have 256 GB SSD variants and 512 GB SSDs.

Although the Macbook Pro M1 and Air M1 at first glance look the same. However, both have some different differences such as thickness, weight, screen brightness, keyboard and touch bar, to battery life.

The thickness of the two is only 0.5 mm. Although the thickness of the two has been linked not too far, but the weight of both are far enough. Macbook Pro M1 and Air M1 have a weight difference of 0.11 Kg. For cooling, Air M1 does not use cooling technology like the Macbook Pro M1 uses. That makes the M1 water more silent.

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For Keyboard, Air M1 is more minimalist with only 4 additional tomol for Don’t disturb, Spotlight, and Dictation. Macbook Pro M1 is more complete with 12 additional buttons.

The advantages and disadvantages between macbook Pro M1 and Air M1 cause both to have different price ranges. Mac

Macbook Air M1 Price

Macbook Air M1 Price
Suitable Price

Macbook provides a more affordable price for its products Macbook Air M1. Comes with 2 variants, has different specifications so that it causes both to have different prices.

Apple presents the first Macbook Air M1 variant at a price range of nearly 17 million. This first variant has a GPU with only 7 cores. Not only that, its SSD capacity is also only 256 GB.

For the second Air M1 variant, Apple has a price that is far enough away, which is 21,799,000 rupiah. What makes this variant more expensive are some of the elements in the Macbook. On this Macbook, there are 8 core GPUs installed, and the built-in SSD is also different from the 16 million variant. On this Macbook there is an SSD of 512 GB.

Have you decided which variant you want to buy? Or even switch to a Macbook Pro M1? Before that, you need to know what other specifications of this Macbook Air M1 are.

Complete Specifications

Macbook Air M1 Price Specs
Complete Specifications

The screen of this gadget measures 13.1 inch with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. The light intensity of the display on this Macbook reaches 400 nits brightness. For color display using wide color (P3) with True Tone.

For CPUs, macbooks have armed it with 8 Core Apple M1. With 4x core efficiency, and 4x performance core. For GPU there are two variants, namely 8 cores and & cores.

To add to your experience of using this Macbook, Apple delivers 8 GB/16GB of RAM. The storage space also varies with SSDs ranging from 256 GB, to 512 GB.

In supporting your daily life, Macbook Air M1 has wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. For cameras, this Macbook has a 720p FaceTime HD Camera that is capable of capturing images more clearly.

The battery life of the Air M1 is also quite strong up to 49.9Wh battery. The battery of this Macbook can last up to 15 hours when you use it to surf the Internet. It can even last up to 18 hours when you use it for video playback.

This Macbook has dimensions of 304.1mm x 212.4mm x 16.1mm. The weight of this Macbook reaches 1.29 Kg.

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