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Latest Samsung Galaxy A02 Specs and Price

Latest Samsung Galaxy A02 Specs and Price

The launch of Samsung Galaxy A02 seems to be a sign for Samsung that the company is constantly innovating in the world of mobile phones. Just one year earlier, Samsung launched its products named Samsung Galaxy A01 and Samsung Galaxy M12. Now comes another successor named Samsung Galaxy A02.

As a successor, does the A02 series have a different look? The answer is no. If you align these two mobile phones, you’ll know that they’re almost the same. Only the bottom bezel display of the Samsung Galaxy A02 is thinner when compared to the A01. Even so, what are the differences in specifications of the two? Check out the following.

Samsung Galaxy A02 Specs

Here are the specifications of the phone that just launched in January 2021 and then this is on the market.

1. Body Samsung Galaxy A02

As has been written before that the appearance of the body of these two mobile phones really looks similar even almost twins. You’ll notice a different speaker placement than before. In addition, the color options for this series are only 2 kinds, namely black and blue.

This mobile phone has dimensions of 164 x 75.9 x 9.1 mm with gorilla glass screen. Even so, the back is still made of plastic, as well as for the frame. The selection of plastic materials is in accordance with the cheap price. So you need to be careful in using Samsung Galaxy A02 series because the plastic material will be easily scratched and blistered. You can anticipate it by giving silicone case or hard case so that your mobile phone is not easily scratched.

The weight of this mobile phone is 206 grams so it will not feel too ringkih.

2. SIM-Card Slot

If you are used to using dual SIM, it will be very difficult if your mobile phone does not have dual SIM feature. However, you don’t have to worry because Samsung Galaxy A02 already supports dual SIM feature so you can use both cards simultaneously.

3. Display Screen

Samsung Galaxy A02 screen
Screen View

Because of its affordable price, of course you won’t be able to expect too much from the Samsung Galaxy A02. The screen on this mobile phone still uses a PLS IPS screen that is 720 x 1600 pixels resolution. The screen area of this mobile phone is 6.5 inches which covers 81% of the total area of the front.

4. Operating System

Although the price is cheap, this does not prevent Samsung from providing a fairly new operating system from Android called Android 10. The operating system is also supported by One UI 2.0.

5. Kitchen Pacu Samsung Galaxy A02

In terms of performance, Samsung embeds the Mediatek MT6739W chipset. Although not a very luxurious chipset, it is able to support fairly light daily use. The CPU of this Samsung Galaxy A02 is a Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53. In addition to its GPUnya Samsung implanted the PowerVR GE8100.

6. Camera

Samsung Galaxy A02 camera

Nowadays, many fans of various mobile phones consider the camera to be one of the most important considerations. This is not surprising because as we know that the rapid development of social media causes the use of cameras to be crucial. Whether it’s a status update, or a video call, everyone is now quite dependent on the camera.

Samsung reads those needs well. Even so, it seems that Samsung does not want to pay too much attention to this mobile phone.

When compared to the previous A01 series, the main camera on the Samsung Galaxy A02 seems almost no different, which is equally 13 MP resolution. The support of the second camera is also still equally 2 MP, it’s just that Samsung changed the Camera depth to Macro.

In support of its users in taking selfies, Samsung provides a front camera that is 5 MP resolution.

7. Connectivity

Samsung also provides connectivity that is not bad or almost no different from other mobile phones at the entry level. This mobile phone supports GSM/HSPA/LTE networks for internet surfing or other uses.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy A02 also provides connectivity features such as WLAN in the form of Wi-Fi 802, Wi-Fi Direct, and also mobile hotspots. To add to the ease of use, Samsung also provides a fairly new Bluetooth series that is Bluetooth 5.1.

In terms of location tracking, Samsung provides GPS-like connectivity to know the user’s whereabouts. It’s just that this phone no longer has connectivity such as NF and Infrared.

The type of USB that Samsung provides for mobile phones is also not yet maximized. As you know, there is a new USB such as USB Type C. But Samsung still provides USB in the form of MicroUSB 2.0

Samsung Galaxy A02 Price

Samsung Galaxy A02 Price
Samsung Galaxy A02 Price

After knowing the various specifications on the Samsung Galaxy A02 that is quite common. Are you interested and intend to buy this mobile phone? If so, then it is necessary to start determining profit and loss.

The price that Samsung provides for the Samsung Galaxy A02 is 1.5 million. A fairly affordable price for a mobile phone produced from a large company of Samsung’s class. Do you think the price and specifications provided are appropriate enough? If your answer is still yes, it doesn’t hurt to buy this mobile phone.

However, if you are a user of the predecessor series, the Samsung Galaxy A01, of course you need to consider it again to switch to this series. Because the A02 series as the successor of the A01 has a lot in common and the differences are not very significant.

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