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Spotify Becomes Trending Twitter After Kpop Music Disappears From Kakao M, Why?

Spotify Becomes Trending Twitter After Kpop Music Disappears From Kako M, Why?

Kpop music fans both in Korea and internationally will no longer be able to find their favorite Kpop albums or songs on Spotify starting March 1, 2021. Indeed, not all of them, only musicians whose songs are distributed Kakao M only disappear from the music streaming application.

This is because Kakao M has removed all songs distributed by them through Spotify around the world. Once made netizens excited, Spotify finally open the sound if the music content distributed Kakao M has entered the expiration deadline of their license.

In its official clarification, they said if the music could still be heard through Spotify there would have to be license renewal approval.

“Despite our best efforts, the licensing deal we had with Kakao M is over,” spotify explained.

Kakao M itself has distributed a lot of music from Kpop’s largest agency, but the band’s songs were eventually completely removed from the platform.

This also makes Kpop fans from all over the world feel disappointed. Until this article was released, Spotify became a hot topic of discussion on social media Twitter. A total of more than 1.61 million tweets were linked to Spotify and were dominated by talk of the loss of a number of Kpop songs on the platform.

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Quoted from KoreaBoo on (28/2/2021), here are a number of Kpop artists whose songs could not be found or disappeared from the site.

  1. IU
  5. Seventeen
  6. (G) I-DLE
  7. LONNA
  8. Btob
  9. The Boyz
  10. Sunmi
  11. Dreamcatcher
  12. Epik High
  13. Apinl
  14. SISTAR
  15. P1Harmony
  16. Cosmic Girls
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In addition to the list of Kpop artists above, there are still many other artists whose songs disappeared from Kakao M. Spotify itself said that it has been working to update the license with Kakao M. In addition, they also hope that the agreement will be reached soon.

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