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The Story of John McAfee, the Wild But Clever King of Antivirus

John McAfee Killed Himself

John McAfee was pronounced dead by suicide in a prison cell in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday (6/23/2021). The man, whose full name is John David McAfee, was born in Scotland on 18 September 1945 and is best known as the founder of antivirus company McAfee.

As a child, he lived in Roanoke, Virginia with his parents. At a very young age, he grew up in a bad family environment. It is understood McAfee’s father was an alcoholic. At the age of 15, he had to accept the difficult reality because his father committed suicide. As a result of that action, plus other problems afflicting his family, McAfee began to find a solution by committing a bad act.

He became addicted to alcohol and used drugs. This also influenced his behavior that became wild. Despite his habits, John McAfee is known to be intelligent. He successfully completed his education at the University of Roanoke in 1967 as a bachelor of mathematics.

Then he continued his education by earning a PhD at the Northeast State Louisiana State Collage studying mathematics. Unfortunately, the title was eventually revoked because of his behavior. It is known he had sex with a student of his guidance.

John McAfee’s Career Journey

As he grew older, McAfee grew up to be a young man with an intelligence in programming. In fact, he got jobs in well-known organizations, and managed to get out of alcohol and narcotics addiction. McAfee began his career in computer science. In 1968 he also earned a programmer position at nasa’s Institute for Space Studies in New York.

After several years working at the site, he then moved to Univac with a position as a software designer. In the mid-1970s, McAfee then worked at Xerox as an operating system architect. Then in 1978 he became a software consultant at the Computer Sciences Corporation.

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In 1980, he decided to move to a consulting firm called Booz Allen Hamilton. But John McAfee’s career began to decline, he was again haunted by alcohol and narcotics addiction. While working at the company, he again did his bad habits. In fact, it increased every day, until in 1983, he recklessly used narcotics while working in his new place at a company called Omex.

He was later expelled from the company after being caught red-handed for his conduct. It was at this point that he began to realize his bad behavior. McAfee later decided to rehabilitate at Alcoholics Anonymous.

After being declared a softer man, he got a job again, this time joining a defense company, Lockheed Martin. At his new company, he worked on a secret voice recognition project.

McAfee Antivirus Start

During his time at Lockheed Martin, John McAfee studied programming code for the ARU that could duplicate itself. Even this code can infect a computer with an intermediate floppy disk. That code eventually became known as a virus.

After studying it in depth, McAfee started creating a software to overcome viruses. He felt the need to create an antivirus program, as he had already predicted there would be a virus attack in the future.

In 1987, McAfee founded an antivirus company known as McAfee Associates. Two years later, he resigned from Lockheed Martin and expanded his own business. The company he founded was successful, after the threat of the virus continued to increase in various countries around the world. In a short time, the company was transformed into a multimillion-dollar business.

Controversy And Legal Case Entanglements

After his business success, John McAfee sold his company to Intel for $7.6 billion. Since then, he began investing in various other companies. McAfee was later popular as an eccentric millionaire, throughout his life he was married twice.

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His first wife, Judy, had left him in the early 1980s because he was unable to overcome McAfee’s addiction. Soon after, McAfee married Janice Dyson. In 2018, McAfee even made an astonishing admission that he is the father of 47 children.

In April 2012, he was arrested for possession of an unlicensed weapon and drug manufacturing. Then in November 2012, he became the “person involved” in the death of Gregory Viant Faull, a US expatriate.

Feeling panicked and scared, John McAfee then fled to Guatemala before being deported to his country in December 2012. In recent years, he has sought to avoid the pursuit of U.S. authorities, as he has not paid income tax for 8 years. In addition to taxes, he was also ensnared in a variety of other cases.

John McAfee Kills Himself In Prison

On October 3, 2021, the founder of the antivirus company was finally secured at barcelona airport, Spain. McAfee was secured by Spanish police as he was about to board a plane bound for Istanbul using his British passport. He was later held in a prison in Barceona. After nine months in prison, McAfree was pronounced dead.

He was found dead on Wednesday (6/23/2021) in his cell due to suspected depression. Hours before his death, John McAfee received a ruling from Spain’s High Court allowing him to be extradited to the US– in connection with a tax evasion case.

Javier Villaba, Attorney John McAfee said in fact McAfee could still appeal. But allegedly because he could no longer bear to spend time in prison, he finally decided to end his life by hanging himself.

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