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Poco F1’s Successor Reportedly Released In January 2021

Poco F1's Successor Reportedly Released In January 2021

At the end of 2020, one of Poco’s social media said that they are very enthusiastic about releasing products in 2021. In the post they said that they will release their latest series of phones that will have better features than the previous series. Not to forget they also showed a video showing a footage that tells that there will be Poco F2 in the next year.

This was welcomed by the fans. Since 2018, it seems that Xiomi is preparing a new series to continue poco F1 that has been released before and received a good response from the public.

Poco that Has Great RAM

Poco that Has Great RAM
Poco that Has Great RAM

On August 27, 2018, one of Xiaomi’s products was launched on the Indonesian market. When the news appeared, Xiaomi said that in this series they provide RAM with a large size. Approximately 6GB and 8GB. Not only that, this phone series is also equipped with Snapdragon 845 chipset that provides great power.

For this series, Xiaomi claims to focus more on improving performance to make the use of this phone more convenient. Even for the camera part, Poco F1 is introduced as a mobile phone series with the completeness of artificial intelligent technology provided by a 12+5 MP sensor and the front camera part uses an f/19 aperture.

Xiaomi added that it inserted a liquid cooling technology in the series. This magical technology provides comfort for you loyal players of online games. When you’re playing a game, surely every player’s problem is a mobile phone that is easier to heat. This causes bad hand grip, and fear in case the phone will be damaged. But this time you do not need to worry because in this series, they provide features so that your phone does not heat up quickly.

As for the battery itself, they provide 4000mAh with fast charging feature. Xiaomi added the claim that for the battery this series will last for more than 30 hours to simply call a friend or 146 to play multimedia.

Advanced Poco Chipset

Advanced Poco Chipset
Advanced Poco Chipset

In an interview a few days ago, Xiaomi admitted to using Snapdragon 732G on the next mobile phone series. This chipset uses 8 nm fabrication. It also has two large Kyo 470 and 6-core cores.

From its predecessor Snapdragon, in this chipset it is claimed to be able to provide faster performance. The overall combination has a performance that can help you in playing games.

For those of you who like to play online games with high performance needs. You can start looking for a series of phones that have this chipset. Besides being able to support heavy gaming, you can also use it when you want to do work that requires you to multitask.

Screen Sophistication

In this series of mobile phones will use AMOLED screen. Amoled itself is a solid device by SAMSUNG. This screen is able to provide sharpness in the phone’s pictures.

To its advantage, it has a high brightness. Even so, it can still save power or minimal low energy power. So the electricity consumption is low and can cause the battery to last quite a long time.

According to his research, he was able to save up to 40% more than other screens. It also has the ability to adjust the brightness level on the screen automatically, not only that. It responds faster when the phone is on. It becomes the positive side of this screen.

But even so, it also has its drawbacks. Any series of phones that use this screen as one of the devices, will be priced at a fairly expensive price. Because for the creation of this screen, requires thoroughness and is very complicated. This is what makes some manufacturers ultimately rethink to use this device.

NFC Poco That Supports Online Payments

NFC Poco That Supports Online Payments
NFC Poco That Supports Online Payments

In an era that’s been quite sophisticated at the moment. Many manufacturers are vying for mobile phones with digital payment apps. Well on this phone you will get an NFC application. What is NFC? For high-end smartphone enthusiasts. This app is no longer familiar

NFC itself stands for Near Field Communication or close communication. The way it works is actually not much different from Wifi or bluetooth.

They have a similar performance. NFC itself supports multiple digital payment departures. So you don’t have to bother issuing cards to pay. Now some phone series use NFC to help with digital payment

Meanwhile, through a particular social media account. One of the account’s owners shared a photo of the form for a Poco F2 trademark. That has been known to be registered directly by Xiaomi.

The letter or form was officially submitted by Xiaomi as of December 4, 2019. With the letter, fans are convinced that Xiaomi is preparing its latest series.

Despite having to wait a little longer that is a year later, Xiaomi still does not want to tell more clearly about this series of phones. In fact, they claimed that they still could not explain the details of poco F2 specifications and the release date of the phone receipt.

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There are some leaks that the phone will be priced at a fairly high price. That is about 7 million rupiah. There will be two models of the mobile phone, one series for release in China while another series for global release.

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