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Take a Peek at the Design and Advantages of Oppo Find X3 Phone

Latest Oppo Find X3 Phone Design and Advantages

The virtual world is now excited by the presence of Oppo Find X3 which had become a hot conversation after the presence of the previous Oppo A93. Although Oppo has not officially released, but still the possibility that Oppo will release it is quite interesting to the netters. How not? Leaked specifications about The Find X3 series phones have been found on various social media platforms.

Find X series is a pretty fancy phone when you compare it with other series. Moreover, Indonesia is the largest Oppo market and loyal buyers make this series quite a bestseller in the Indonesian market.

Leaks related to oppo find x specifications appear on geekbanch benchmark page. On the page, Geekbench confirms a number of specifications that will be present on the Oppo Find X3 series. What are the leaks from oppo find X3 series specs? Here are some specifications of the phone.

1. Oppo Find X3 Benchmark Value

Benchmark score is one of the benchmarks in assessing the quality of a mobile phone. Benchmark values will be obtained through assessment of several specifications such as GPU, CPU, RAM and UX performance. If a phone has a high benchmark score, it is possible that the phone has a higher quality than others.

Oppo Find X3 appears with the serial number Oppo PEDM00 appearing on the Geekbanch page with 2 different benchmark scores. In single core testing, the X3 series only received a benchmark score of 4,280. As for multi-core testing, the X3 series gets a larger benchmark score of 12,843.

2. Motherboard

On the part of the motherboard that Oppo Find X3 will use, the Geekbanch chip page shows the code “kona”. The chip with the kona code is most likely Snapdragon 865. That’s in stark contrast to the Booran Find X3 series that has appeared before. In the leak said that the Find X3 series will use an excellent Snapdragon 870 chipset in its class. Of course this is a pity because the Snapdragin 865 chipset is lower than the Snapdragon 870.

3. Oppo Find X3 Android System

Oppo Find X3 Android System
Oppo Find X3 Android System

Because Oppo Find X series is a fairly luxurious series so the specifications are also higher when you compare with mobile phones at the entry level. Therefore, Oppo also does not want to give half-and-half for its gadgets. This is proven by the provision of the latest OS system on Oppo Find X3 namely Android 11.

For now, the Android 11 system is the latest and best Android system. Although there have been rumors of a fairness of the Android 12 OS system.

4. RAM and ROM

On the benchmark test site page also includes specifications about RAM belonging to Oppo PEDM00 which is none other than Oppo Find X3. It says the RAM specification that Oppo provides for its latest phone is quite large, which is 8 GB. Even so, it seems that the Find X3 series will not come with only one variant of RAM. Usually there will be a variant of RAM with a different price of the phone.

Although in the leaked specifications write about the amount of RAM that will exist in the Find X3 series. But the page does not elaborate on internal memory further. However, rumors have previously said that the Find X3 series will come with a 256 GB internal memory variant. Just like RAM, the Find X3 series will likely also come with several different variations of ROM options.

5. Oppo Find X3 Display

Oppo Find X3 display
Oppo Find X3 display

Regarding rumors about Oppo Find X3, it is rumored that the smartphone will not have a Super Amoled screen, but only Full HD Plus. It is certainly a pity if considering the Find X3 series will be a luxury phone. Not without reason, many of the world’s flagship phones choose Super Amoled screens. The advantage of Super Amoled screen is that it looks very sharp and clear.

Even so, the Full HD Plus screen is not a nightmare. The display in the Find X3 series will have a resolution of 1,080 x 2,412 pixels. It is certainly quite good if you only use it to just watch movies or surf the internet.

6. Oppo Find X3 Camera

This leak is related to Oppo who is working with Sony to create an artificial chip camera that will both be named Sony IMX789. Even so, until now it is still not possible for us to know which Oppo phone will get the camera chip. It is possible that Oppo Find X3 or Oppo Reno 6 will also be released soon.

If the Find X3 series does not get the Sony IMX789 chip, there is still a possibility that the phone will get a Sony IMX766. The IMX766 camera chip is a camera chip that has also been present for the Oppo Reno 5 series.

7. ColorOS Interface

ColorOS interface
ColorOS interface

According to rumors, Oppo will provide its latest ColorOS Interface, ColorOS 11.2. The advantages of ColorOS 11.2 are the user customization that allows the user to improve the personalization of the user.

ColorOS 11.2 also features Darkmode with a three-color scheme and different levels of contrast. Not only that, but users also have more options to create themes, wallpapers, ringtones, and icons at the will of their users.

Those are the 7 specifications of Oppo Find X3 that are still a mystery regarding when it will be released. Leaks about the specifications cannot be confirmed. Because, there is no official information from Oppo itself.

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