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TikTok Expands Family Pairing Feature, Parents Can Control Child’s Account

TikTok Expands Family Pairing Features

Today, TikTok is one of the favorite apps by users of all ages ranging from young children to adults have understood how to use TikTok. If the user is an adult there may be no need for concerns. But it is different if the user is still a child which raises the concerns of parents.

However, for now parents do not have to worry anymore if their children use TikTok. That’s because TikTok has added one of its features where TikTok expands a set of Parental Control features called Family Pairing that can help parents who can’t 100% monitor their child using TikTok. This expansion was released on Tuesday, (17/11/2020) so that parents can adjust various settings in their child’s account.

This feature also helps parents have more options for what their children can see and helps parents create more private accounts. The expansion of the feature aims to achieve a balance between security for teenagers while simultaneously supporting their users in expressing themselves.

In addition, with this feature parents can control their child’s activity in accessing in the search field as a place where the child searches for content, users, hashtags and sounds. Parents can arrange how long their child plays at TikTok every day. Parents can restrict the display of inappropriate content especially minors in their child’s TikTok account.

As posted by Tracy Elizabeth, Global Minor Safety Policy Lead and Alexandra Evans, Head of Child Safety Public Policy on TikTok’s official website on Tuesday (17/11/2020) revealed that TikTok has expanded the Family Pairing feature that enables parents to connect their TikTok accounts to their child’s account by enabling Family Pairing in content and privacy settings so that they can control what their child is doing on their TikTok account.

They further revealed “We have now expanded parenting features that are useful for parents in providing more rigorous supervision for their child to create the right TikTok gaming experience for their child”. Reveal TikTok

Actually, this Family Pairing feature has been launched in April 2020 which is used by parents who want to access their child’s account. They can connect their account to their child’s account so parents can manage screen time, direct messaging and to see if their child’s account is in restricted mode.

Benefits of Family Pairing Features

Today, the Family Pairing feature is expanding. With this feature extension or update, parents can do many things like:

  • Parents and their children together can set limits on who is allowed to comment on videos uploaded on their child’s account with the option of everyone’s choice, only friends, not even anyone
  • Can decide if others can see a list of videos liked by their child’s TikTok account
  • Parents can control whether their child’s account is private or public. If it is public, parents can transfer it to a personal account
  • Parents can restrict who can send messages directly to their child’s account by turning them on. In fact, parents can instantly turn off direct messaging entirely.
Family Pairing
Family Pairing

Please note, TikTok has many policies and controls on messaging. If the user is under the age of 16, the direct message will automatically turn off. Only approved followers can send messages, but can’t send pictures or videos.

In addition to a number of tools that can strengthen policies to protect the safety of young children in the app, TikTok is also developing a global partnership that is useful to protect the use of child exploitation. In the event of this, TikTok will immediately remove child exploitation-related content, terminate the account and report it to a child protection foundation to make the app safe and comfortable to use at any age from child to adult.

It was as revealed by TikTok that they care deeply about children. They will protect children, especially minors, both online and offline, which is very important. Therefore, TikTok collaborates between platforms, governments and oraganization for the sake of child safety. That’s why the TikTok app supports the online child sexual exploitation and abuse movement.

For young children who do not understand it may follow whatever it is controlled by parents because indeed they just want to watch the content that is in TikTok. Whereas if the teen who already understands how to change the settings may not follow the rules of the parents so that the content that will appear in the TikToknya account may smell of negative things.

Please note, this Parental Control or Family Parenting feature will be presented evenly around the world. Therefore, users from all over the world, especially parents, are expected to enable this feature in order to control what their child is doing in TikTok.

That’s the latest information on parental control features that are being expanded or updating in TikTok. Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is useful for all readers, especially parents who want to keep an eye on their child on social media including playing TikTok.

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