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Turbo VPN, Here’s How to Subscribe to a Premium Account

Turbo VPN

VPN has become a mainstay app for both Android and iOS users to open some blocked sites. Sometimes there are some games or apps that can’t be accessed in certain countries. Therefore, many people use VPNs to be able to install apps or games that are not available in their country. One of the flagship VPN apps and one of the best VPN apps is Turbo VPN.

This app can be used for free or subscribe to a premium account. If you want to get limited access, fast network speeds and more server options, then you can subscribe to a premium account.

Some of you may have this app but never subscribe to a premium account, so the following will be reviewed on how to subscribe to a premium account in the Turbo VPN app. However, before that it will be briefly reviewed regarding the information from the Turbo VPN app itself. Check out the reviews below!

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a VPN app that is used to browse cross-border websites without the need to think about site restrictions in that country. This means users can open a site from a blocked U.S. country in their country by using a VPN.

By using this application of course users can change the IP address to another country’s location with the selected server so that it can open websites, images, games, applications or videos that are not available or blocked in a particular country without showing the actual IP address.

The app provides server locations from various countries such as India, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, USA: San Francisco, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, USA: Gramercy Park, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and many more.

turbo VPN

Connecting to the desired server is easy. Users only need to select which server from which country to use. Click on the server and wait until it is connected or can also directly click the image “Carrot” then automatically the application will choose its own server that can be used. If the connection fails, a “Retry” will appear.

turbo VPN

However, disconnecting from the server is very easy. The user just needs to click the button (x) in the middle then select “disconnect”, then the connection will be disconnected immediately.

turbo VPN

Premium Turbo VPN Pro App Service

turbo VPN

Turbo VPN offers vpn proxy servers from all over the world that can be accessed for free on a limited basis. However, there are also servers that can only be accessed by subscribing to a premium account. Premium services provided by the Turbo VPN app include a paid version where to use the service users can choose to pay monthly or per year. Usually the server for the premium account has a crown mark and certainly the choice of server is much more than the free version.

By subscribing to a premium account of course the enjoyment is better than the free version. Some of the benefits gained when subscribed to a premium or Pro account, including:

  • The network connection is stable and the network speed level is 10x faster than the free version.
  • Better security provided
  • Watch unlimited HD quality videos which means it can be done anywhere and anytime
  • 1000+ servers worldwide available
  • Dedicated servers available to access Netflix
  • Indian server to access Hotstar web video streaming service site
  • Chinese servers to access iQiyi as an online streaming site for dramas, movies, anime, and variety shows based in Beijing, China

How to Subscribe To a Premium Account

Subscribing to a premium account is very easy. Before that, users must install the Turbo VPN app first. This app can be obtained through google play store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. Here are the steps:

1. Download and Install Turbo VPN app on mobile

turbo VPN

2. When you’re done, open the app and click “Start Now”

turbo VPN

3. Wait for the turbo VPN app to appear

turbo VPN

4. Select the three lines in the top left corner and Select “Upgrade to premium”

turbo VPN

5. After that a display will appear which contains a selection of premium version subscription price list. The first option is per month where in the first month it costs Rp. 16,000 then the next month will be Rp. 76,000/ per month. The second option is to pay per year at Rp. 489,000/year

turbo VPN

6. Select according to the kenginan then click according to the selected payment.

7. After that a view will appear for the payment method. Select the method you want

turbo VPN

8. After making a payment, the Turbo VPN app will switch to the premium version so that it can enjoy the many servers available.

How? Of course it’s so easy isn’t it. All it takes is apps, WiFi and mobile data connections, as well as money to make payments. Payment can be made using provider credit, credit or debit card, Google Play voucher code or balance filled through Alfamart.

Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is especially useful for readers who are also Turbo VPN users who are in need of a fast network connection.

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