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Universal Testing Machine (UTM) : Type, Principle and Type of Testing

Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

What is Universal Testing Machine? or commonly abbreviated as UTM is a tool used to test a tensile voltage and press strength of the material material. This tool includes a destructive testing tool where it is destructive in order to produce characteristics on a destroyed material. It is often used in the industrial world such as shipping, aircraft, construction, and others.

Usually this Universal Testing Machine (UTM) tool is known as Universal Tester, Materials Testing Machine or Materials Test Frame. It can be said that this testing tool is in accordance with industry standardization and has been proven capable of conducting many tests as well as compression tests on materials, components, and structures.

Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Testing Method

There are two testing methods owned by Universal Testing Machine (UTM) namely the drag and press method. Materials that are usually tested using this tool are only solid materials ranging from rubber, plastic, textiles, paper, wood, foodst materials, metals, cables, and various other materials. The size seen from the test results using this tool is the strength of the material, modulus elasticity, breaking strength, maximum strength, and strain that exists at the maximum point.

Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Testing Type

A. Tensile Test

Tensile Test is defined as testing with tensile method used in plastic materials. This test is done using a pull UTM machine by clamping the material at each end. After that, it will pull the material that moves vertikla until the material breaks or disintegrates.

B. Compression Test

Compression Test is commonly called a press test that uses a tool called Compression Platens. This tool is used according to the size of the material used. The way this press test works is different from the tensile test where the tool will move downwards by pressing the tool vertically.

C. Seal Strength Test

This Seal Strength Test includes a tensile test method in UTM. This test is carried out to measure the strength of a seal found on an object especially on a package or packaging. In the test, a package will be tested using a heat sealer with a specific temperature.

D. Bond Strength Test

This type of test is done for testing on an existing bond on an object. The results of this test will be measured by the average style shape. After that, a test will be performed on the test results in the form of a graph. If the chart provides a style in uniform form, then the bond is ensured to be installed correctly. Conversely, if the chart provides a style that is not uniform, then the bonding on the object is certainly not installed correctly

E. Gliding Force Test

Gliding Force Test testing is used to perform tests on the smoothness found on two surfaces. This test is done with two methods, namely tensile test and press test. However, it depends on the object to be tested.

Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Working Principles

The working principle of Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is arguably practical. On the monitor screen of the machine can be adjusted the size of the given load, usually will be adjusted to the type and thickness of the material to be tested. If you test Tensile Test and Nick Break then the load will be a tensile force, whereas if doing bending test, then the load will change to press style.

The material to be tested is placed in the UTM machine. After the material is laid then wait until the material is disconnected for tensile test and nice break, while for bending test must wait until the material forms a radius of 180 degrees. If before 10 degrees the material is broken then the test bendi is stopped and confirmed to fail.

How to Use Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

Using Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is actually very easy. The first thing to do is to make sure that UTM should be in ready-to-use condition. Then, select the material to test and make sure the material to be tested is hard or solid to produce accurate results. Then, choose the test method to use whether you want to select a drag test or a tap test. Place the material then tighten it. After that, run the machine to test the material that has been laid.

There are a few things to note when going to drag or tap testing using Universal Testing Machine (UTM):

  • Avoid soft materials as they will get inaccurate results
  • The material used should be dry. This is because if the material is wet then testing will be futile
  • Do not impose material larger than UTM as it will accelerate engine damage

In conducting a test using a Universal Testing Machine (UTM), there are two important things to note:

1. When selecting the testing frame

Frame Test here is usually referred to as the test framework which is the most important component in the Universal Testing Machine (UTM) testing system. That’s because this component is the basic capacity determinant of Setup. Please note that this Frame Test cannot be upgraded so be careful in using it.

2. Determine the right controller

In UTM has undergone various significant developments in its system. Analog

Universal Type Testing Machine (UTM)

UTM has a wide variety due to the large number of manufacturers producing this machine. on its manufacture, the manufacturer should refer to the standards set in drag and press testing. Here are some types of variations from Universal Testing Machine:

1. Mega 1500

universal testing machine
Mega 1500

Mega 1500 is a product of Labthink which has a standard style of 500 N and optional 50 N,100 N,250 N, 1 kN. The product has a speed test of 1 – 550 mm/min

2. i-Srentek 1510

universal testing machine
i-Srentek 1510

Just like mega 1500, i-Srentek 1510 is also the product of Labthink with 500 N standard style specification and optional 50 N, 100 N, 250 N, 1, 2, 5, 10 kN

3. WDW 200E / 300 E

universal testing machine
WDW 200E / 300 E

WDW 200E /300 E is a type of Universal Testing Machine that uses a digital measurement control system that produces a maximum testing force of 200/300 kN

4. WAW 1000A

universal testing machine
WAW 1000A

WAW 1000A is a UTM product controlled by hydraulic servo machine especially when used to execute tension, compression, bending test, and so on from metal material.

There may be some people who do not know the form of UTM. Therefore, with this review can be useful for readers who want to know about Universal Testing Machine (UTM).

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