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After The Upgrade, Speedtest Can Now Do These Two Things

Speedtest application

There may be some people who use the Speedtest application to test the speed of internet access. Recently, the application has made an update on (2/3/2021).

In this latest upgrade, speedtest application can be used to know the coverage and quality of cellular network in a region. To find out, users can view it through the Maps Coverage feature.

Speedtest takes advantage of Geolocation technology

Now, Speedtest is known to be utilizing a geolocation technology in the latest upgrade. With this technology, speedtest application can show cellular network coverage in a region in real time.

Existing networks in the tested area are marked with boxes with different colors based on reception quality.

For 2G/3G networks are marked in yellow, 4G networks are marked in light blue, 5G networks are blue, and no networks are at all red.

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Regarding the quality of the network in this latest upgrade relates to the technological generation of the network obtained. The higher the generation of technology used, the faster the speed of the cellular network.

How do I see how fast a network is in a region?. users can use the Coverage Maps feature located at the bottom of the main display screen.

Coverage Maps feature view in more detail

In the past, the Speedtest app has provided almost similar features. However, in this latest update, the map display is more detailed and can be zoomed in to clarify or enlarge the coverage of certain areas.

speedtest Maps Coverage feature in more detail
Speedtest – Coverage Maps

The data displayed by the Maps Coverage feature is obtained from tests conducted by users of the Speedtest application. The data obtained is then calculated and taken on average for each area.

When a user uses this feature, a checkered view will be visible when viewed up close indicating the network in a region. This Maps Coverage feature is very helpful for users especially when traveling long distances.

With this feature, users can know in advance about the quality of the internet network in the area to be visited and how far the network coverage is.

For example: when users open the Maps Coverage feature to find out the quality of the network in sidoarjo area as the destination and how wide the coverage is.

After checking, the area visited turned out that the quality of the provider card network used was poor, there was not even a network at all in the area.

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Therefore, we have to replace temporary providers that have good networks in the area as well as a wide coverage before heading to the Sidoarjo area.

To be able to use this feature to know the quality and coverage of the network in a region, users can directly download speedtest app version 4.5.32 on the Google Play Store for Android users.

For those who already have this application, you can immediately upgrade to the latest version in order to feel the update of the Speedtest application.

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