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WHAT IS OFF PAGE SEO– Once we know the meaning of seo, it’s time we got to know one of the basics of seo that is off-page seo. Not far from the discussion about seo, here I will comment on the meaning and functionality of optimally improving offpage.

OFF PAGE SEO is an optimally improved process that is done from the outside, namely by searching backlinks and promoting blogs. So the whole point of offpage is looking for backlinks as well as promotions. If both are done well, so will reap good consequences as well.


Speaking of backlinks,so what needs to be noticed is the cauldron of backlinks instead of the number of backlinks that can be found. It’s true that there are not a few backlinks so we continue to improve optimally on our offpage.

But are the backlinks quality? If so, then you are very lucky. Because the online time you spend is not wasted. Note: One backlink from a high pagerank is better than dozens of backlinks from abal website pages – abal that has no pagerank at all.

So from now on you have to sort out the backlinks for your blog in order to continue to be strong optimization process. And the most important backlink obtained is dofollow as well as relevant to the content of your blog.


Like merchandise that must be promoted so that someone buys, the blog is also mandatory to promote so that there are people who want to visit. But if merchandise needs SPG for promotion, you don’t need that. Because all you need is the following:

Social media– If you have Facebook, Twitter aka google plus, you can use it to promote your blog. This way is popular in net traffic and all you need to do is double the followers. That way the visitor who is able will be less.

Discussion forum– Sign up for an online discussion forum, then answer any questions asked by the forum’s members while inserting a link to your blog.

Sumbit to Web directory – sort of cross me, bookmark indonesia as well as my information as well as each end write your post able to sumbit to various such websites.

Or to make it easier to consult/use SEO Services

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