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What is SEO “Search Engine Optimize”


SEO – What is SEO? One type of economic business that is not in the least interest by entrepreneurs is the online economy business. This business is popular and not least chosen because of its very flexible nature, simple, and do not need a large capital.

Because it does not need complex requirements such as economic affairs in general, so this online economic affairs becomes an option for those who want to have a struggle but do not have experience aka those who have minimal capital. One of the mandatory capital of an online economic affair is the ownership of a site that aims to be an online store. Although it seems easy and simple, but you still have to master one important marketing technique in online economic affairs namely SEO. Then what does SEO mean? Here is an explanation.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization alias if translated into Indonesian into Search Engine Optimization. So what does this SEO do for an online economic business? In business, the popularity of a store aka a product is an important factor. More and more people are familiar with your store, company, aka product, so there will continue to be a lot of people who are interested in buying it. Easily, people will only trust a product aka a haya company if they know it well.

This SEO is a technique that can popularize your site. This way seo works is by placing your site at the top of the search list in search engines such as Google, Yahoo Search, Bing, and so on.

THIS SEO is a technique that will maximize a keyword alias keyword containing the name of the product you are selling aka your company name. These keywords will then be placed within posts on your site. An example of a cool keyword is “Jual Motor Bekas” if your site is engaged in buying and selling used motorcycles. If someone is looking for a used bike and typing the keyword in the search engine, then that person will find your site in the top search list. Another example is on other onine services blogs engaged in web services as well as sites with the keyword “website creation services” for example have been in the position of the first 2 pages of search engines


After understanding what SEO is, you definitely want to delve into this SEO technique further. SEO techniques can be learned by themselves through online articles aka seo blogs. You can also re-watch other blog posts about seo as well as not a few other posts that exist and circulate on the internet that are related to SEO. In addition to self-study, you can also take SEO courses at online economic affairs training institutions. But for those of you who don’t have time to learn aliases applying this SEO, you can take advantage of SEO Services that are not the least bit scattered in cyberspace.

Demikain a little wishful thinking about what seo is, this post I wrote because a lot of my friends and friends are planning to create a blog and online store, but do not understand and understand the challenges of SEO. Good luck.

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