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Will Release, WhatsApp’s Latest Feature Called Disappearing Messages Automatically

WhatsApp WhatsApp's Latest Feature Called Disappearing Messages

Whatsapp as the most popular chat app is known to continue to develop in its feature sector. Previously, Whatsapp has been equipped with a message eraser feature in the chat, then a whatsApp theme that can be changed to dark, and much more.

Well reportedly in the near future, Whatsapp will soon release its latest features in upcoming upgrades and users will be allowed to activate this feature whenever they want. Although it is not yet certain about when this feature will be released, Whatsapp has announced how the feature previously named Expiring Messages was released through wabetainfo website. Here’s the review.

This news is reported from WABetaInfo, Tuesday (3/11/2020), WhatsApp will soon release its latest feature called Disappearing Messages They explained that if this feature is enabled then messages sent to someone will disappear automatically within 7 days.

That also applies to chats conducted in groups where messages will still disappear automatically for seven days if the “Disappearing Messages” feature is enabled. If used in group chat, those who can enable this chat are the group admins. All new messages will expire after seven days and users can’t set when they’ll disappear.

This feature will be present for WhatsApp users on Android, iOS, KaiOS and desktop (Whatsapp Web). This feature cannot be enabled by default. This feature can be used if you turn it on manually. How to enable this feature in WhatsApp groups by opening the group where the user becomes an admin. Then click on the group profile and select the “Dissapearing Messages” menu. Select the “On” option.

Disappearing Messages
Disappearing Messages feature on iOS
Source : wabetainfo

The terms of the feature also apply if the user does not open the message for seven days after activating the new feature but the user can check the incoming message through the notification view until the user opens WhatsApp.

This is as revealed by WABetaInfo “When a user replies to a message, the initial message has been quoted so that if the user replies to a message that has been lost, it is possible that the text quote will not disappear because it remains in the chat after seven days. If before the message disappears it is forwarded to another chat, then the forwarded message will not disappear”.

So, it can be ascertained that when replying to a message by quoting a message that was previously likely quoted the message will not disappear on WhatsApp after seven days. This can happen if the user disables the option in Contact Info and quotes the message.

WhatsApp also explains that incoming chats and media such as video, images, audio, documents, and more will not disappear if the user has previously backed up in the connected Google Drive. However, if the user wants to recover all lost messages from the backup, the user will not find them because they will be deleted by the “Disappearing Messages” feature enabled.

After the user activates the “Disappearing Messages” feature, the media that has been sent will disappear but the user can still find it on the mobile device as long as the automatic download is enabled. That’s because all the media is stored in your phone’s memory.

This feature can be said to be an interesting feature, but WhatsApp has urged caution in its use. That’s because of things like:

  • If the “Message disappears” feature is enabled, users are still allowed to forward or screenshoot lost messages and then save them before they disappear
  • Users are also allowed to copy and save all images and videos from messages before they disappear automatically as a result of the active “Disappearing Messages” feature
  • WhatsAppp also tells you there is a “Save to Camera Roll” option. If this option is turned on, all images or videos obtained from the missing messages may be saved automatically in the photo gallery.

This latest feature of WhatsApp can be said to be almost similar to the feature in Telegram which is the “Secret Chat” feature where it automatically loses messages. But there are still differences. In Telegram, users can create lost chats by going to the “Secret Chat” room and selecting a chat buddy. While in WhatsApp, lost messages can no longer be found if the “Disappearing Messages” feature is enabled.

That’s a little bit of an overview of whatsApp’s new features will soon be released along with how it works. Despite all that, it remains unknown when exactly this feature will be released widely. Obviously this Disappearing Mesagges feature is arguably still in the development stage and is rumored to be present in the next upgrade. It is still uncertain what this feature will bring in the upgraded version.

With this writing can at least give you information about what the “Disappearing Message” feature looks like. May what is reviewed in this paper benefit you. Happy reading.

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