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WhatsApp Down, Here’s How To Safely Recover Data And Reinstall

WhatsApp Down, Here's How To Safely Recover Data And Reinstall

Netizens on Social Media are talking about the “paralysis” of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram simultaneously on Saturday (3/20/2021). Even the keyword “WahtsApp” topped Twitter’s trending with more than 1.72 million tweets. However, until now there is no specific information about WhatsApp Down.

Facebook only provides information about technical constraints. Although it was reported down, all three applications are now recovering. Users don’t need to reinstall the app, but if they want to reinstall the app because it’s too slow or heavy, here’s a practical and safe guide that you can use.

Set Up Backups To Secure Data

If you want to reinstall the WhatsApp app, but don’t want your previous data deleted, it’s recommended to back it up first. Users can take advantage of the Chat Backup feature to back up messages. Here’s how to set up a backup:

  1. Open the WahtsApp app on your phone
  2. Select the dot 3 icon option in the top right corner, then select “Settings”
  3. Navigate to the “Chat” menu
  4. Then select “Back up chat or Chat Backup
  5. Select “Back up to Google Drive
  6. Next set the number of times it was launched, select your Google account, and continue selecting “Allow”
  7. Once your WhatsApp and Google Drive accounts are connected, select “Backup”

After that, users just have to wait until all messages and media in WhatsApp are backed up to their Google Drive account.

Recovering WhatsApp Data Through Google Drive

Meanwhile, to transfer WhatsApp data to a new phone, you can use Google Drive or a local backup. To successfully restore it, users need to use the same Mobile number and Google Drive account, or that have been used to create the backup. Here’s how to restore a backup:

  1. After uninstalling the installation, reinstall the WhatsApp app
  2. Verify WhatsApp number
  3. Select “Restore” to recover WhatsApp data from Google Drive
  4. Then select “Next”. Some chats will appear after initialization
  5. Files will be restored after the entire chat is restored

If you install this app without a backup from Google Drive, WhatsApp will automatically restore from the local backup data.

Restoring Files From a Local Backup

If you want to restore data from a local backup, you’ll need to use a computer, SD Card or file explorer to transfer the data to your new phone. There are a number of things to know when restoring data from a local backup, namely:

  1. Local backup files are only stored on your phone for 7 days
  2. Local backups are created automatically every 2:00 a.m. and will be saved as files on your phone
  3. If it is not stored in the folder/SD Card/WhatsApp, it is likely that the data is stored in the “internal storage” or “main storage” folder

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Reinstall WhatsApp App

Here are some steps you need to take to reinstall this one messaging app:

  1. Touch and hold the WhatsApp icon installed on the home screen until the icon jiggles
  2. Select the x in the corner of the app icon
  3. Press delete to delete all data and apps
  4. Return to the homepage
  5. Redownload the app in the App Store

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